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YUM Goes Big on Corporate Responsibility

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YUM Goes Big on Corporate Responsibility

YUM Goes Big on Corporate Responsibility

YUM is the franchisor of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizzas Hut and several other brands. At an investor conference, held in New York last month, they unveiled their first formal report outlining their corporate social responsibility initiatives. These are truly impressive and benefit various countries around the globe where they operate.

  • Recognising that a large KFC outlet generates over 200 litres of waste cooking oil per month, YUM encouraged its franchisees to experiment with sustainable solutions.
  • With YUM’s support, a KFC franchisee in Japan has developed a method of converting waste cooking oil into bio diesel; it is used to supplement the energy needs of the restaurant.
  • The same method may be applied to KFC’s 5300 restaurants in the United States, but this is still at an investigative stage.
  • KFC produces the most waste oil in the network but subject to a successful rollout at KFC, Taco Bell may be next in line for the programme.


  • Taco Bell cut their paper usage by about 1.5 million tons and their plastic usage by about 2.3 million tons. They did this, in the main, by redesigning their cups and wraps.
  • A combined KFC-Taco Bell operation in Northampton, Mass., USA, is going green. It uses solar energy, recycled building materials and a system that harvests rainwater for irrigation.
  • YUM restaurants are also hard at work to reduce the amount of bad items in their foods.


  • KFC locations in the UK reduced their annual salt use by 85 tons.
  • Taco-Bell in the US have switched to a reduced-fat sour cream; this will reduce fat by 3 million tons per annum.


  • What’s the point of doing good if nobody knows about it? YUM’s US restaurants are well on the way to posting calorie information on their menu boards; target date for completion of the process is 2010.


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