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Women in Franchising

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Women in Franchising

Women in Franchising


Already, women play a far greater role in franchising than is generally known, and indications are that their involvement will become even stronger in future. We are determined to do our bit towards facilitating this and will shortly introduce a new section on our website named Women in Franchising.

And because we do nothing by half-measure, we have set ourselves the target to develop this section into South Africa’s leading franchise portal for women, so watch this space.

Within the foreseeable future, we plan to:

  • Introduce female franchisors and other personalities active in this sector;
  • Examine the question do women make better franchisees and if so, why?
  • Profile successful women franchisees because who better to learn from than those who have successfully done it?
  • Research franchise opportunities that hold proven appeal for women;
  • Tackle the thorny issue of raising finance, and tell you who can help;
  • Create a forum where women who want to grow through franchising can express ideas and exchange opinions.

At a later stage, we’ll expand this initiative to include networking events, possibly even including tours to overseas franchise happenings etc.

We’ll keep you informed of developments through the pages of our newsletter.

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