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How Will you Start 2018?

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How Will you Start 2018?

How Will you Start 2018?

Many people commence each new year with a bright and shiny New Year’s resolution. For many, it’s to lose weight or be nicer to the spouse, and for others it’s to get a new job. But have you considered becoming your own boss? Becoming a franchise owner makes that goal a great deal easier to achieve.

There are many reasons why people want a switch. According to one LinkedIn survey of about 10,000 people, the primary reason people change jobs is because of dissatisfaction with:

  • The level of opportunity for career advancement;
  • Management style;
  • The culture of the company,
  • The quantum of compensation;
  • The rewards system;
  • The level of ‘challenge’ in the work they perform; and
  • On top of that, changing career paths can help us grow not only professionally but also personally.

Why not a franchise?

Therefore, even if you’re not currently planning a job change, perhaps you should at least give a career change some consideration. Employment loyalty doesn’t exist (much) any more, and if you’re not looking out for your own interests nobody else is. We all get stuck in a rut or comfort zone, and unless we get out of it, the life can slowly drain out of each one of us. Life is meant to be lived! New Year tends to be the time to look at one’s life from a fresh point of view, and there’s nothing fresher than a new career. If you’re not convinced of the benefits of switching career, here are a few reasons to look meaningfully at a franchise:

1. It adds spice to life


Ask yourself, do you honestly enjoy being stuck in the same rut every day? No, you don’t. Think Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Monotony leads to doing repetitive tasks on autopilot. Have you ever arrived at work and had absolutely no recollection of driving there? That’s not the best way to live your life. Our DNA is derived from the wilderness (hunting and being hunted), and you need everyday risks if you want to stay mentally aware, motivated and productive. Starting your own franchise can break up the monotony by accepting new challenges, establishing new goals and getting you out of your comfort zone – since risk and reward will become your daily mantra.

2. It allows you to pursue your passion

Pursue your passion

Ask yourself if you are really certain that you enjoy your current work. Or have you been lulled into a false sense of security because you just cover the bills every month? Buying a franchise gives you the opportunity to discover your real passion and make money doing something you actually enjoy. Doing what you enjoy in life never seems like work – it’s fun! It also doesn’t matter either how old you are: you should find your passion and chase it. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do towards making yourself happy in the long run.



Meet new people

3. You meet new people


When you start up a franchise, you’ll be compelled to meet and interact with a new group of people, and more importantly to choose the people you employ or partner with. This provides endless opportunity. It may be intimidating at first, but meeting new people is one of the best ways to grow on a personal and professional level by exposing you to new thoughts and ideas.

4. It builds your confidence

build confidence

Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as an entrepreneur or even a person willing to take risks – franchising presents a relatively painless entry to the world of business. You will learn as you proceed and not have to develop from scratch the systems your business needs. That builds confidence which in turn helps make you successful at business. In business, you have to sell yourself on a daily basis, dress and talk confidently. It’s a great opportunity to talk about yourself, brag and show off! That’s something that tends to grow on most people.



5. A franchise gives you the chance to learn new things

Learn new things

Learning new skills or information is a major perk for your personal and professional life. Learning combats boredom, stimulates your mind and allows you to share that knowledge with others. Becoming a new franchisee will give you the chance to learn plenty of new things. Most people who acquire a franchise business do so in a field they already have technical knowledge in: you’ll then have to learn financial, marketing and HR skills pronto!

In conclusion

The above factors are what you need to consider in making the decision to become a franchise owner. The following three points are well discussed in many of the other articles on this website, but we will briefly repeat the three most important:

  • Having some knowledge of the industry helps in running your own business;
  • Location is another important factor in this decision-smaking process. For most franchises, the right location is key to success; and
  • Get some professional guidance in doing the paperwork.

Happy New Year, and make good choices!


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