whichfranchise website paves the way for easier franchisee recruitment

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whichfranchise website
The most viewed franchise website in South Africa has a new look and is ready to take online franchisee recruitment to new heights. Whichfranchise is a franchised website that originated from the U.K. and was has entered the South African market in 2006. Starting with a mere 22 000 hits a month the website has grown and currently achieves over a 150 000 hits a month.
This website doesn’t just serve as a place where franchises can promote their brands and recruit franchisees, but it also serves as an educational website for everyone who wants to learn about franchising and gather all the necessary information before they invest their life savings in a specific franchise. A panel of franchise experts differentiates this website from any other by offering expert advice by professionals that have been involved in the franchise industry for many years. These experts include Eric Parker who is the co-founder of Nando’s and who has taken the brand internationally as well. Eugene Honey, one of the top franchise lawyers of Bowman Gilfillan, offers legal advice and Riaan Fouché from First National Bank guides people with their financial questions.
The best part of the website is that all this top class expert information is offered free to anyone who visits the website. Whichfranchise also prides itself in the fact that only approved franchises are promoted on the site. It happens so often that people invest their money in a franchise without doing their homework properly and making sure that it is a good and viable business opportunity and later on they are shocked when the franchisor is not living up to their promises.
The aim of Whichfranchise is to promote ethical franchising in South Africa. “We believe that the franchise model is the best option for anyone who wants to own their own business, but who doesn’t want to be in business by themselves. The franchise model offers support from a team of business people that has perfected that specific business, who has built the brand and understand how to strategise and develop the business” says Eric Parker, owner of the website.
Franchisors are struggling to find quality franchisee leads and they spend a lot of money on various media to generate these leads. Whichfranchise offers a cost effective way of recruiting franchisees and promoting a franchise brand to a very specific and direct target market.
Whichfranchise South Africa also has sister websites in the U.K, Ireland, Australia and USA. Visit www.whichfranchise.co.za for the best franchise advice and opportunities in South Africa.