whichfranchise and Franchising Plus expert consulted on SABC news

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Anita du Toit

Anita du Toit from whichfranchise and Franchising Plus spoke to SABC News on 25 May about Franchising in South Africa.

The topics of the conversation included the following:

    • The would-be entrepreneur – There is a view that those going into a franchise business are more likely to succeed than a non-franchise business.
    • Have we grabbed on to all of South Africa’s franchise industry – or is there a lot more sectors than can be covered?
    • “There are a lot of suspect franchisers out there.” That’s the warning by some experts – Potential Franchisees have to be diligent – don’t they?
    • The restaurant and fast food sector – seems to be the big one, is it?

To hear Anita’s answers and views to these attention-grabbing questions, watch here: