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What to Expect when you are Expecting. New Beginnings

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What to Expect when you are Expecting. New Beginnings

What to Expect when you are Expecting. New Beginnings

This heritage day we celebrate our diversity and entrepreneurial energy to grow our economy.

With 11 official languages and just as many unofficial ones, South Africa is ranked as one of the most culturally diverse nations. We’re a potjiekos of backgrounds, beliefs and behaviours. It’s these cultural intersections that make the country both interesting and opportunity rich.

South Africa presents many exciting prospects for the discerning entrepreneur. As a developing country, there are countless business avenues to explore, many more than the developed world.

Regardless of background, South African entrepreneurs tend to be an optimistic bunch. They see potential where others only see challenges. With this mind-set and a wealth of business opportunities to consider, South Africa has a bright future ahead for aspiring business owners.

South African entrepreneurial energy

Heritage Day EntrepreneurshipSouth Africa produces incredible entrepreneurs; those exceptional souls who build empires and unlock value. Here are 5 top movers and shakers to celebrate:

  1. Adrian Gore, the CEO of Discovery, who transformed the South African medical insurance business.
  2. Herman Mashaba, of Black Like Me fame, who started his business from the boot of his car.
  3. Raymond Ackerman, who after being fired from Checkers, founded Pick n Pay.
  4. Khanyi Dhlomo, the pioneer of two of South Africa’s most successful magazines Destiny and Destiny Man.
  5. Stephan Saad, of Aspen Pharmacare, a company that has become the largest producer of generic medicines in Africa.

Despite these and other entrepreneurial giants, our rate of entrepreneurial activity is very low for a developing nation.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, South Africa’s entrepreneurial activity is a mere quarter of its sub-Saharan African peers. This is attributed to poor education, limited access to finance and the many regulatory hurdles with starting a new business.

While this entrepreneurial activity has increased year-on-year, it’s simply not enough to provide new jobs. We desperately need more entrepreneurs.

This is particularly pronounced amongst the youth, where estimated unemployment sits at over 60%.

Fortunately, there are many initiatives, government and private sector, to drive entrepreneurial activity and get South Africa working. We need to embrace a culture of entrepreneurship as a viable and rewarding alternative to finding a job.

A sector as diverse as its nation

A sector as diverse as it's nation

The South African franchise sector is undoubtedly the biggest driver of entrepreneurial activity. It’s also a highly diversified one – the country boasts over 600 franchised systems, just over 39 000 franchise outlets and business opportunities across 17 franchise sectors.

The 2015 Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) survey reveals that an incredible 90% of all franchisors are optimistic about future growth.

Here are 3 surprising South African franchise stats:

1. Turnover from franchise brands currently account for 12, 5% of the country’s GDP.
2. An average number of 20 employees per franchise.
3. It’s transforming; franchise ownership by previously disadvantaged individual for 2014 was 31% up from 26% in the previous year.


It’s in part because despite our cultural differences, most South Africans love franchise brands. While there are a few foreign favourites, including a number of new entrants (Dominos, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks and Burger King), most of South Africa’s leading franchises are home grown.What makes the franchise sector so successful?

Some classic South African franchise brands include:

Mugg & BeanMica Maxi's logo




Some newer brands include:

Isabella’s Cake & Food Shop LogoYamitsuki LogoInnovatus




As more South Africans enter the middle class consumer demand for franchise brands is likely to increase as well.

South Africa produces great franchisors; inventive, pioneering and persistent are adjectives that describe some of our franchise leaders.

As an established sector, 3 in 4 franchisors have been in business for more than 6 years (61% for more than 10 years). This is a testament to the sustainability of this sector.

Then, our diverse and vibrant culture leads to creativity, and this is certainly evident in the wide array of great franchise concepts.

2016 – A year for new beginnings

2016Business is tough, local and global economic conditions are set to worsen, but there’s a certain grit or ‘maak ‘n plan’ ability that makes South African entrepreneurs so successful.

This is also a good time to consider being your own boss and retrenchment-proof your future. So as we speed towards the final quarter of 2015, start thinking about your business plans for next year.

Whether you grew up with melktert, samosas or shisa nyama – there is bound to be a franchise brand out there for you.

Have a look at the wide selection available and start exploring franchise funding. If you want to build a successful business, and need advice, get in touch with the franchising gurus at

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