“Vegetarian burger” claim grilled

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Vegetarian burger

A vegetarian burger can’t claim to be vegetarian if the onions have been fried alongside meat, the Advertising Standards Authority has been told.

A consumer named only as Mrs Pansegrouw lodged a complaint against Wimpy’s menu offer of a “Wimpy Deluxe Vegetarian Burger and Chips”, accompanied by a logo saying “100% vegetarian”.

“The complainant submitted that the statement 100% vegetarian is untrue as Wimpy fries its onions where it fries its meat,” the ASA said this week.

It noted however that Wimpy had said in response that it had already removed the vegetarian burger and logo from its menus.

This undertaking appeared to address Mrs Pansegrouw’s concerns.

“There is therefore no need for the [ASA] to consider the merits of the matter.”

An employee at Wimpy in Rondebosch, Cape Town, said the burger had contained a “veg patty” that did not include soya.

Source: Sapa