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Three Key Marketing Ideas for Franchising in South Africa

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Three Key Marketing Ideas for Franchising in South Africa

Three Key Marketing Ideas for Franchising in South Africa

Many franchisees believe that they don’t have the power or the need to run local marketing campaigns. This is not the case as your franchisor entrusts you with promoting the brand within your local community. Remember that the local activities that you run will help boost your business, and ultimately your bottom-line.

Depending on your marketing budget you may also considering outsourcing some of your marketing activities to an expert. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t develop your own marketing knowledge. Good franchise marketing can make all the difference while bad decisions can be costly; don’t relinquish all your power to someone else!

Apart from the realistic restrictions of finance and budget when it comes to marketing your brand and franchise, it can also be a challenge conveying your message within the boundaries of a franchise. As a franchisee it’s not your place to be a marketing maverick; you’ll still need to operate within clearly defined boundaries. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any marketing responsibilities.

As a franchisee you are responsible for the following:

Franchisee marketing responsibilities

  • Rolling out national marketing campaigns in your area
  • Running local marketing campaigns
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Uphold the corporate ID and brand standards
  • Ensure that employees are good brand ambassadors
  • Be aware of local competitor activity
  • Give feedback to the franchisor on marketing activities
  • Allocate and spend a local marketing budget

Lekker local marketing ideas

Here are a few franchise marketing ideas to get the tills ringing in your franchise:

Tip 1: Love your community

Love your communityThe franchisee’s primary marketing objective is to promote the business in the local community. When was the last time you did something for the community? Customers like to support businesses that do something to uplift the area they live in.

There are hundreds of ways to make a difference.  Sponsor the local school, a sports team or the clean-up operation of an open area. Many of these ideas can be executed with some effort and not much money. If possible, connect what you’re thinking with a product of service that your franchise offers.

Remember to raise awareness of these activities by displaying your community involvement in your franchise and by sharing pictures and details with the local press. You’ll find that community projects don’t only great good publicity and goodwill; they can be incredibly motivating to your employees are well.

Tip 2: Keep in touch with customers

Keep in touch with your customersOne of the easiest ways to grow your business is to keep your existing customers coming back. It’ also more expensive to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. Remember to collect and store customer details and reach out to them on a regular basis. Whether it’s a newsletter, coupon or an event invitation or special offers – keeping up to date with customers is one of the best ways to drive new sales.

Speak to your franchisor about implementing regular communications – they are sure to have to have recommendations, templates and potentially access to a shared communications platform. Remember to seek sign-off before hitting send.

In South Africa, there are consumer protection laws governing how you collect customer information and who you communicate with. The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act regulates how businesses communicate with customers. This means that you require customer permission to send them information and that you need to include a way for them to opt out of communication. Spamming your customers is never good practice!

Tip 3: Get social

Get SocialLatest statistics indicate that 22% of all South Africans, some 11.8 million people, are now active on Facebook. In urban areas, this statistic is likely to be higher. What is unique about Facebook is the ability to target customers by area, age, gender and even marital status. This means that a well-targeted Facebook campaign can reach a high percentage of your potential customers who live around your franchise. This potentially mean high conversion and minimising wasted advertising spend.

There are a few considerations with using social media as a franchisee. The first is that you’ll need both permission and support from your franchisor to run a campaign. Many franchisors have a social media policy designed to protect the brand – any Facebook campaign needs to comply with this policy.

The second consideration is that not every brand is well-suited to Facebook. Think about your product carefully and whether you expect that your customers would respond your advertising on social media.

Finally, remember that Facebook has new rules on posts on company pages. Today, posts on company pages will only reach 16% of your customers following your page. This means that you will have to spend advertising budget in order to communicate your customers.

Don’t forget that there are many other ways to get online as a franchisee – don’t forget to list your franchise’s contact details on the many free business directories online.

Learn and share

Learning how to market any small business including a franchise takes time. If you develop a knack for marketing and run effective campaigns share your experiences with other franchisees in the network. Have a franchise marketing question? Ask the experts at for their views.

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