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Three Iconic US Food Franchise Brands Coming to SA

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Three Iconic US Food Franchise Brands Coming to SA

Three Iconic US Food Franchise Brands Coming to SA

South African franchisors and investors will have an exciting and dynamic opportunity to create a new and profitable business niche, with the arrival in South Africa of three iconic American franchise brands.

Edwards Global Services (EGS) Senior Director, William Gabbard will be in South Africa at the end of the month to meet with interested franchisors and investors about being awarded the area development licences for either fast food franchise Carl’s Jr, fondue restaurant The Melting Pot, and frozen delicacy chain, Rita’s Italian Ice.

Gabbard notes that the prospect of being awarded one of these licences represents a rare opportunity for South Africans. “All three brands have proved to be highly successful and marketable in the US, and will undoubtedly enjoy the same results in South Africa, establishing strong credentials for the licence holders.

“Thus, I am looking forward to meeting with financially stable, experienced and eager local franchisors and investors who will maintain the strong legacy of these brands, and entrench their long term success in this country.”

He continues that the potential franchisors and investors should fulfil certain criteria and possess specific qualities, if they wish to be awarded one of the licences.

“EGS is looking for candidates with the necessary experience and resources required to make a success of these brands. Ideally, a candidate should have strong marketing skills, have some food related business experience and offer a proven business system. They must also have access to appropriate real estate and local or national supply chain resources, as well as understand the value of branded concepts.

“Importantly, candidates must display a complete willingness to take on a venture of this nature, with a dedicated, full time focus on development, marketing and operations of the specific licence. It is also vital that they possess a thorough knowledge of the South African marketplace and culture, are well placed in the community, and have the necessary expertise in staffing to ensure a smooth transfer of the systems, and ultimately, the brand’s long term success.

Gabbard says that employment equity (EE) will be considered in selection, with EE candidates having to meet all necessary requirements. He adds that the new licensees will receive full training and operational support from the franchisor. Licensees will be expected to perform according to the signed franchise agreement, in which both parties will have specific obligations that will need to be met.

However, Gabbard does add that potential candidates do not have to be existing franchisors, or have experience in that particular field. “Experience as a franchisor in not a prerequisite for involvement with the three brands, and we will welcome meetings with a variety of different groups, including  supply chains, investment groups, mall or land development groups, and non franchise food and beverage groups.”

Gabbard concludes that he is confident of finding suitable candidates to award the licences to.

“South Africans are known for being hard working, industrious as well as innovative, and EGS believes that the chosen candidates will excel in running the licences, and ensure that these brands make an immediate and visible impact on the country’s landscape.”

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