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The Role of the Franchisor in Marketing

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The Role of the Franchisor in Marketing

The Role of the Franchisor in Marketing

When many people decide to get involved in food franchising, they mistakenly assume that their core focus is only going to be on the product which they serve. While this is certainly a key part of having a successful store, franchisees cannot overlook the importance of marketing. Sean Lilley, Marketing Manager of Scooters Pizza, a leading pizza franchise that forms part of the Taste Holdings group, explains why marketing is an essential tool for franchisees.

The plus side of purchasing a food franchise, as opposed to starting business from scratch, is that entrepreneurs are buying into an established and recognised brand. These brands are popular not only because of the food and services they provide but because of the successful marketing which they apply.

Scooters Pizza offers their franchisees exceptional marketing activities, both locally and nationally, ensuring that their franchisees receive the best possible exposure for their stores. Some of the marketing activities that are provided to their franchisees include:

  • Television advertising
  • Outdoor and radio advertising
  • National promotions
  • Menu design and development
  • Public relations campaigns and support
  • Local store marketing support

When deciding which franchise you wish to align yourself, it’s necessary that potential franchisees not only ask questions about the brand and what it is like to run a store, but what marketing support the franchisor provides. If they don’t provide direct marketing support, ask if they assist with any other marketing or communications activities or if entrepreneurs are expected to market their own stores.

With the increase of competition in the fast food market, marketing is a vital component to have as it contributes to a successful business, to ensure that a brand has an edge over other competitors in the market.

The franchisor is mainly involved in the promotion of the brand at a national level but depending on their strategy, it could be at local level as well. If franchisees want their store to reach its full potential, they need to keep in mind that every bit of marketing counts.

It was Steuart Henderson Britt who said that “doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

So if entrepreneurs put in the extra effort and do some of their own promotional activities, whether it is one advert or a single editorial, it only benefits their business in the end.


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