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The Fish & Chip Co. adds the Great Gatsby Meal to their Menu

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The Fish & Chip Co. adds the Great Gatsby Meal to their Menu

The Fish & Chip Co. adds the Great Gatsby Meal to their Menu

There is never a dull moment for taste buds when enjoying a meal at The Fish & Chip Co. The fast food extraordinaire of traditional English style fish and chips overhauled its menu with the addition of scrumptious new dishes that will be served as of the end of May.

Lovers of The Fish & Chip Co. will know that the menu is not only limited to standard hake and chips as other mouth-watering options such as russians, viennas and calamari are also firm consumer favourites. As of this month, however, customers will be given even more variety that is sure to keep any food lover hooked.

The biggest hit on the updated menu is a speciality dish called the Gatsby. Originating in the Cape flats in the Western Cape, this is a true South African dish that will leave an unforgettable impression and is sure to quiet the hunger pains. This meal combines the best of The Fish & Chip Co.’s menu combined in one long bread roll (similar in the size of a French loaf or baguette) which is cut lengthwise and filled with cheese, and either fish or russians and viennas, and ended off with the most important ingredient; hot chips.

Marcel Strauss, Managing Executive of The Fish & Chip Co. is thrilled to introduce the Gatsby meal to customers. “South Africans will love the Gatsby because it’s affordable and big enough to satisfy a man-size appetite or to share with friends or family members. With so much goodness on one roll, our slogan of ‘hot and a lot’ has never been more fitting.”

The Gatsby is available in four different varieties namely; ‘chips and cheese’, ‘chips, cheese and viennas’ and ‘chips, cheese and fish’. A Gatsby roll that is filled with chips only, is also an available classic. Each variant will be priced between R25 and R44.

Aside from the Gatsby, The Fish & Chip Co. who is, as always, committed to being the leader in their food category, will be climbing the ladder one step further than their competitors with the introduction of their other meal offerings. The menu will also be boasting three new family meal options, bite-size fish pops as well as crispy calamari strips to appeal to taste buds of any size.

Strauss states that all of these introductions have been made for those hungry customers who support a brand that offers more for less. “We believe variety is the spice of life and we want to show our customers that the brand offers more than just delicious fish and chips, which we’re renowned for. The new additions allow us to broaden our offering to meet changing tastes and trends in the market. It also demonstrates that we listen to requests for new products from our customers and franchisees alike.”


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