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The Best Home Based Franchise Business Ideas

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The Best Home Based Franchise Business Ideas

The Best Home Based Franchise Business Ideas

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Home-based franchises are a great way for entrepreneurs to run their own business, manage their own schedules and keep costs down. As our cities become more congested, running a home business cut out the time and irritation associated with getting to work. Franchisees have an advantage over other home-based business owners in that they can draw on the franchisor’s experience and proven methods as well as swop experiences within the network.  If you are looking for a major lifestyle change then consider a franchise you can run from home.

 The Pros and Cons of franchises you can run from home

There are many advantages of having a home-based business. With lower set-up costs, less time to get going and potentially higher margins, many franchisees with home-based businesses enjoy a quicker journey to profitability. Operating from a home base also saves on ongoing costs and reduces risk in those critical first years.

Besides cost savings there are many other advantages of having a home-based franchise:

  • No daily commute
  • Flexibility to take care your children or other family members
  • Greater control of your own schedule
  • Support from head office and interaction with other franchisees
  • National marketing to support your sales

Working from home seems like the ideal solution to achieve balance between work and personal life. In reality there are a number of disadvantages:

  • Loneliness
  • Blurred lines between work and home responsibilities
  • Difficult to see clients at home
  • Potentially more time on the road travelling to clients
  • Space restrictions may deter you from hiring staff

While working from home is growing in popularity, not everyone or every home suits this style of business. You will need to put in good boundaries between home and work both in terms of space and time allocated. You will need the right property which offers a quiet, preferably separate work space as well as storage and parking if this is what the business requires. A separate entrance or high visibility for signage suddenly becomes advantageous.

Current Home-Based Franchises

There are many exciting, high potential franchise opportunities available across different sectors.

From home improvement franchisees Classy Crete and Coating Worx, Power Ads and EnDee Billboard Advertising in advertising sales and King Delivery in the home delivery space. Not sure if a home-based franchise is for you – why don’t you ask one of our experts?


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