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The 2015 IFE Shows that Franchising is Making Huge Strides in SA

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The 2015 IFE Shows that Franchising is Making Huge Strides in SA

The 2015 IFE Shows that Franchising is Making Huge Strides in SA

The success of the annual International Franchise and Entrepreneurs Expo (IFE 2015), hosted by the Franchising Association of South Africa (FASA) this past April is evidence of a dynamic, expanding franchising sector. For the first year since the global financial crisis of 2008, the expo, now in its 20th year was a sold-out success with and more than 60 exhibitors.

International Franchise ExhibitionThe 2015 IFE started was a hive of activity. It started on a positive note, with Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of Small Business Development delivering a key-note address. In her address, Zulu asked stakeholders in the franchise sector to work with her new ministry in “empowering and supporting people to control their destiny and not to be dependent on government hand-outs.”

Exhibitors at the IFE were presented with an ideal platform to promote their franchise concepts, a range of products and support services – and they went all out to attract visitors to their stands.

Curious attendees got the opportunity to learn more about franchising and other business opportunities while interacting with franchisors, suppliers and allied industries. Many remarked on the variety of franchising opportunities on display – there is clearly more to franchising than fast food outlets!

Notable exhibitors at the 2015 IFE

As the leading website for franchise information, advice and opportunities in South Africa, was present at the expo. Leading  franchisors, and advertisers exhibiting at the 2015 IFE included:

The 2015 IFE is more than just an exhibition

At the expo, FASA held seminars on franchising in South Africa. Those attending the seminar were mostly entrepreneurs, interested in franchising their businesses and entrepreneurs interested in becoming franchisees. They learnt about how to franchise a business and what to consider before buying a franchise.  Special guests who shared insights on franchising at the seminar included Eugene Honey, attorney at Adams & Adams, John Baladakis, Chairman of FASA and Claus Kuhl of Midek Paint Direct.

FASA recognised top performers at the IFE

During the three-day event, FASA also recognised key performers in its annual Awards for Excellence in Franchising. The big winners included:

  • Raymond Ackerman – Hall of fame award
  • OBC Chicken & Meat – Franchisor of the year
  • Lara Oelofse of Mike’s Kitchen in Springs – Franchisee of the year
  • Midek Paint Direct – Newcomer franchisor of the year
  • Hot Dog Café – Franchisor: Leading developer of emerging entrepreneurs
  • Car Service City – Job Creator of the year
  • King Pie – Brand builder of the year

The growth of franchising in South Africa has been phenomenal

There is no doubt that the success of the 2015 annual expo is due to a growing, vibrant franchising industry in South Africa.

The most recent FASA franchise industry survey shows that South Africa has 668 franchised systems, 30 206 franchise outlets and 17 different franchise business sectors. Franchising now contributes an estimated 9.7% of South Africa’s GDP and employs more than 300 000 people.

FASA asserts that “assuming there are no major changes in the market, there is potential for the number of franchisees to grow to nearly 800 within the next five years.

Judging by the success of the 2015 IFE, one can conclude that SA’s franchising sector is vibrant and set to be a key driver of entrepreneurship and job creation.  If you missed the franchise expo this year, don’t fret because whichfranchise, your 24/7 online franchise portal, offers a wide range of exciting franchising opportunities. Click here to begin the search.

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