Taste Holdings

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Scooters pizza

This company celebrates its sixth birthday this September. Of course, a sixth birthday is ordinarily not a milestone event but the company’s rapid growth makes it special. According to a press release, Scooters Pizza is about to open its 100th restaurant shortly. This is a remarkable success story, especially if one takes into account that when the first Scooters store opened its doors for business, it moved into a target market that was widely seen as overtraded.

Maxi’s is another success story. When Taste Holdings acquired the brand in April 2005, it had 28 outlets. This number has risen to 40 already and another 13 openings are scheduled to take place by February 2007.

While Taste Holding’s CEO Carlo Gonzaga and his team deserve to be applauded for their achievements to date, they will be the first to acknowledge that without the vehicle of franchising, it would not have been possible to achieve such a rapid roll-out.