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Taste Holdings uses Social Networking Platforms

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Taste Holdings uses Social Networking Platforms

Taste Holdings uses Social Networking Platforms

Social Networking is a term often mistakenly linked to only the younger generation due to their excessive use of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter to keep updated, in-touch and share with their friends. A recent survey of 1,600 executives showed that firms that rely heavily on external social networks scored 24 percent higher on a measure of radical innovation than companies that don’t. With that exact reasoning in mind, Taste Holdings Food Division, of which Maxi’s and Scooters Pizza are subsidies, has recognised the adaptable and dynamic environment of online social networking.
In the fast growing and highly competitive franchising industry, any type of networking is abundantly beneficial. Taste Holdings Food Division has weighed the pros and cons of the modern technology platforms and plans to optimise the endless advantages to showcase to potential and existing customers that the Maxi’s and Scooters Pizza brand are in the market and ready to serve their needs.
In addition to keeping their ‘fans’ updated with the latest and greatest news in the appetising world of Maxi’s and Scooters Pizza; upcoming promotions, competitions, menu changes, special offers and much more will be regularly posted. Interactivity was a major deciding factor to commence with the new communication tools as it allows Maxi’s and Scooters Pizza to proactively analyse feedback from their market and make constructive adjustments to suit their targeted audiences precisely.
“Expanding our marketing strategy to integrate social networking with targeted messages is a key component to effective communication within any franchising business. Taste Holdings aims to not only use the current platform, Facebook to provide immediate up-to-date information on Maxi’s and Scooters Pizza, but to also build long and trusting relationships with existing and potential customers,” says Christo Calitz, CEO of Taste Holdings Food Division.
Calitz concludes that after research was conducted it would be impractical for Maxi’s and Scooters Pizza not to indulge in social networking, “The power of social networking should not be underestimated as the correct usage thereof could translate into real benefits for our two distinct brands and their consumers. Networking in a business can demonstrate just how fun, cost effective and surprisingly easy social networking can be.”
According to Facebook’s statistics, the world-wide phenomenon reached 400 million active users in February 2010 and achieved an outstanding figure of over 500 million active users by 21 June 2010.
Keep up to date with interesting information, exciting promotions and much more by becoming a Maxi’s Fan, as well as a Scooters Pizza Fan on Facebook.
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