Sweet success as Maxi’s opens in Empangeni

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Maxi's opens in Empangeni
The Empangeni community can now look forward to delicious, high quality, made-to-order meals as the trusted family restaurant Maxi’s, opensa new store at the Five Ways Mall.
Harry Giannacopoulos, the proud owner of the Maxi’s Empangeni store, is eager for his new business venture, “Becoming an owner of a franchise like Maxi’s which has established itself as a leading family brand is an enormous accomplishment for me. I strive to achieve the greatest in life, and my dedication to family, of whom the community essentially is a part of, will drive me to provide only the best quality food offerings and superior service,” says Giannacopoulos.
Having gained knowledge and experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry as a Spar retailer, Ginnacopoulos is familiar with the importance of creating and maintaining good relationships with the community and says that Maxi’s Empangeni will become involved with Corporate Social Investment projects as it is important to give back.
Ginnacopoulos says that the challenge of the food environment is something completely different for him, and that he is looking forward to overcoming them, “One of my goals is to achieve a certain financial target. By successfully managing the store and ensuring that my staff reaches their full potential, I am positive that we can accomplish our aim.”
Maxi’s wide variety of food offerings on their menu is a recipe for success and Ginnacopoulos says that the community will greatly benefit from the array of tasty meals, “Maxi’s has a mix from breakfast to dinner which suit any individual needs. This is definitely an advantage over our competitors locally.”
Maxi’s will be kicking off the end of 2010 with a bang as upcoming developments can be seen with the likes of 13 new stores opening nationwide. Whether you are celebrating the festive season in Empangeni or travelling to your favourite holiday destination, be sure to treat yourself at a Maxi’s nearest you.