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Support World Teachers Day – Get a Teaching Franchise!

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Support World Teachers Day – Get a Teaching Franchise!

Support World Teachers Day – Get a Teaching Franchise!

October 5 is World Teachers Day – and many teachers look one day to establish their own business to capitalise on the unique skills and experience they have acquired. The educational sector is booming, with a range of innovative new education-related franchise opportunities emerging to support childhood and adult learning.

Much of this opportunity has been driven by technology, which has resulted in a veritable explosion of educational franchises changing the way we learn.

More than ever, parents are willing to invest in their children’s learning and critical skills development through fun, educational programmes that build on the traditional school curriculum. At the same time, adults are increasingly eager to further their career ambitions through more advanced education and training. The traditional route of a degree or diploma at a university or college is no longer the default for each and every young person.

These education-related franchises offer excellent work opportunities for former teachers and parents seeking flexible working hours. Franchising opportunities exist at various levels from pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions specialising in not only the traditional curriculums but more specialised technical training that is industry specific and could be short courses building up credits for further qualifications.

Is it for you?

These are business opportunities for people with the right personality. Opting for a franchise in the field of education – and making a success of it – will require certain specific strengths. A passion for education and youth is highly useful. Good communication skills are vital. You need excellent organisational skills to manage the learners and tutors alike as well as the paper trail. If a business is child-focused, you need to keep accurate information about the children in your care if you expect parents to trust you.

To find out if an education franchise is for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a passion for education?
  • Do you like people and particularly young people, and have you had experience with them?
  • Are you responsible and reliable?
  • Are you willing to put in what may be long hours?
  • Can you lead well?

Why education franchises succeed

Recession-proof: The education franchise market is underpinned by the social factor that more and more young parents have to work to make ends meet, and don’t have the same time as before to offer their children individual attention. Often, the more difficult the economic times the more people want to improve their lot in life through education or re-training after retrenchment. It is therefore relatively recession-proof.

Low barriers to entry:

The business is primarily about skills, personality and leadership, rather than assets.

Community based:

Perhaps more than most franchises, education-services require an intimate understanding of the local community. Local area community marketing offers the biggest opportunity for success in this category.

Franchises galore

Search for education franchises on Whichfranchise, and you will find many. Here are a few examples we have listed online:


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