Success with Mugg & Bean franchise

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Maria Kyriacou
Woodbridge Square
Mugg & Bean

Why I chose franchising
I chose franchising because if you find the right franchise you are guaranteed a success. But you still have to work at it, it’s just makes it easier when a franchisor, who has the “contacts”, does all the hard work for you, i.e. the menus, the decor.

What I did before buying my Mugg & Bean franchise
I was a franchisee for Shell SA, I worked as a Manager at Spar

How I raised the finance to buy Mugg & Bean
With the help of friends and family.

The training and support I receive from Mugg & Bean
I’m happy with the support and training we receive.

The challenges I have faced
Staff, customers, staff, customers!!

My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise
Think carefully which franchise you choose. Make sure that you have support from the franchisor and what the business will take out of you, i.e. time away from family and friends.

My plans for the future
To have a family one day and get some reliable help to help me manage my Mugg & Bean franchise.

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