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Smart Youth

Smart Youth

Social research has found that the most vital years in a child’s development are aged one to six. Their exposure to the world in which they live, the instruction they receive, and the habits they form during those years, affect their ability to learn and progress through formal education – and provide a unique franchising opportunity.

Franchises focused on serving the needs of the growing population of children and their parents offer opportunities for people with the right personality. The market for children’s franchises is made up of many different niches that need to be filled.

Much of this opportunity has been driven by technology, which has resulted in a veritable explosion of educational franchises changing the way kids learn and be active.

The children’s market is one of the most diverse in franchising. For instance, educational and tutoring franchises are popular among parents wanting to help their child learn and perform better in school. Obesity among children is also a growing trend, one which a number of international franchises combat by making exercise more fun for children. Other trends in children’s franchising aim at exposing them to the arts, have fun birthday parties and fashion.

Is it for you?

Opting for a franchise in the child services industry and making a success of it will require certain specific strengths. Good communication skills – a requirement in any business – are even more vital with children. You need excellent organisational skills to manage the children as well as the paper trail. You need to keep accurate information about the children in your care if you expect parents to entrust them to you.

A passion for education is highly useful given that potential clients’ childhood years are largely devoted to that activity. To find out if a children-services franchise is for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like children?
  • Are you a people person?
  • Do you have experience working with children?
  • Are you responsible and reliable?
  • Are you willing to put in what may be long hours?
  • Can you lead well?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you’re in luck! Such franchises are of course ideally suited to stay-at-home mums, as it leaves them with time to spend with their own children, while allowing them to run a successful business.

Why they succeed

Recession-proof: The children’s franchise market is underpinned by the social factor that more and more young parents have to work to make ends meet, and don’t have the same time as before to offer their children individual attention. Most parents can’t say no to their children’s needs. Even in these difficult times, parents consider their children’s needs first and will cut back on other items to provide the help they require. It is therefore relatively recession-proof.

Low barriers to entry and exit: The business is primarily about skills, personality and leadership, rather than assets. The motivation to buy these franchises is typically based on lifestyle requirements rather than investment goals only.

Innovation: The sector gives participants wide canvas to innovate and think out of the box. Dealing with children is highly improvisational, mostly because you have to. There is endless scope for new activities and curriculums, party themes, accessories and so on.

Community based: Perhaps more than most franchises, child-services require an intimate understanding of the local community. Local area community marketing offers the biggest opportunity for success in this category.

In conclusion

The common denominator among the varied franchise opportunities is a desire to work with youth. That being so, it is equally an opportunity for youth themselves to find a franchise opportunity. 

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