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Scooters Pizza’s Whizzkid Week Supports Youth Month

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Scooters Pizza’s Whizzkid Week Supports Youth Month

Scooters Pizza’s Whizzkid Week Supports Youth Month

With South Africa focused on celebrating Youth Month, Scooters Pizza has joined in the fun once again by hosting their annual WhizzKid Week – proving that making pizza really is child’s play!

Sean Lilley, Marketing Manager of Scooters Pizza, provides some insights on this initiative. “Whizzkid Week ran from 16 to 21 June this year and has been an essential part of Scooters Pizza since 2001. Whizzkid Week forms part of Scooters Pizza’s ongoing commitment to sharing our pizza passion, as well as educating and uplifting the children in our franchisees’ local communities.”

As part of the celebrations, Scooters Pizza invited local schools to pack away their books and put on their aprons for a day.

The concept is simple – the children come into their local store, where they learn a bit about the exciting history of pizza, before being taken on a working tour of the backstage areas of the stores. This is where they learn about the hygiene and cleanliness involved in food storage and preparation, as well as the nutritional benefits of using only the freshest ingredients and filtered water.

Then the fun really begins!

“After showing them how we do it, the kids make their own delicious pizzas under the supervision of the Scooters Pizza staff. They are also given branded pencils and aprons as well as the all important Whizzkid certificates certifying them as chefs for the day,” says Lilley.

Vishal Maharaj, the owners of Scooters Pizza Raisethorpe, Pietermaritzburg, invited students from the community’s local school to come and join them for their Whizzkid festivities. Whizzkid gives stores the chance to work hand in hand with their young clients.

“Whizzkid is seen as a unique and interesting way for our young customers to get a feel of how we make our food and run our store. Plus it offers us an opportunity to engage with our younger pizza fanatics,” says Maharaj. “There are not a lot of fast food restaurants/stores that would give these pupils the opportunity to make and eat their own pizza in store. It’s all about going the extra mile to create more smiles.”

Lilley concludes that the Whizzkid events are effective marketing tools, offering the stores the opportunity to interact with their target market first hand. This is also a great opportunity for Scooters Pizza to showcase their stores and products, and educate and also inspire the children to maybe become entrepreneurs in their future, all the while showing their commitment to social responsibility as they give back a little to those that support them.


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