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Scooters Pizza not just Hot, Tasty and Fast – but Massively Innovative Too!

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Scooters Pizza not just Hot, Tasty and Fast – but Massively Innovative Too!

Scooters Pizza not just Hot, Tasty and Fast – but Massively Innovative Too!

The fast food chain, Scooters Pizza’s desire to offer fresh, dynamic and innovative options to its customer has resulted in out of the pizza box thinking with a new menu design that includes several delectable pizza and non-pizza options as well as a brand new commercial, both launched this month.

“We have introduced several new pizzas to our menu, such as chicken mayonnaise; chicken livers (hot or not) and cheese griller pizzas, as well as a honey and mustard pizone and a variety of chicken wing side dishes. It also includes our new 40cm size ‘Makhulu’ pizza that has been recently introduced, and has proved extremely popular,” says Scooters Pizza Brand Manager, Riaan van den Berg.
Following the success of the first for South Africa extra large pizza which has proved to be an advantage for Scooters Pizza over its competitors, the brand wanted its new commercial to familiarise its consumers with the super sized offering of 80 percent more pizza, whilst humorously proving that size does matter.
“Scooters Pizza’s focus has always been on great customer service and being an industry innovator. We believe in keeping the brand as fresh as our pizza, which is what the new commercial encapsulates,” says van den Berg.
Extensive research was undertaken prior to Scooters Pizza’s decision to position itself in the pizza franchising industry with its new menu and commercial.
“We analysed what local and international competitors have done with their brands, took what we found and used this to our advantage, by eliminating shortcomings and ensuring that Scooters Pizza is as appealing as possible.”
Van den Berg says that Scooters Pizza franchisees have embraced the new menu design and offering, and that after seeing the commercial, customers will be unable to resist the benefits of heading straight to their nearest Scooters Pizza store.
“We are extremely eager for the launch of the menu and commercial as they align perfectly with the direction that the brand is taking. Scooters Pizza is still keeping it Hot. Tasty. Fast. and we’re just looking at it in a fresh and fun way that can only benefit pizza lovers countrywide,” concludes Van den Berg.


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