Scooters Pizza introduces massive 40cm pizza

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massive 40cm pizza
The landscape of the South African pizza market will never be the same again after the release of Scooters Pizza’s 40cm ‘Makhulu’ pizza, the largest to ever be offered commercially in South Africa.
The gargantuan pizza is available at a price of just R69 at Scooters Pizza outlets countrywide. CEO of Taste Holdings – Food Division, Christo Calitz says that the 40cm pizza can be beneficial to South African pizza consumers, as it will prove to be a major saving for families, and offers a pizza choice not previously available.
“Pizza lovers often want to share their pizza’s and the Makhulu is the perfect food complement for a family, as it is 80% more than the  standard large pizza, and could effectively feed a family of four. You would be hard-pressed to find better value for money anywhere else in South Africa,” says Calitz. “The pizza also serves a as a great catering tool, and can be used to satisfy the hunger of a number of people at large gatherings such as meetings, study sessions and even parties. With almost a kilogram of pizza, you are sure to make an impression.”
The Makhulu’ pizza is 80% larger than a regular large pizza, and is cut into 8 slices. The pizza is available in five variations, including American-style pepperoni, chicken barbeque, bacon and cheese, feta and mozzarella, or plain margarita. There are also halaal options available.
Customers are able to swop any topping, choose from a range of bases, and extra toppings, allowing them to effectively ‘build their own pizza’.
Calitz concludes that the 40cm pizza promotion will ensure that a wider variety of pizza is on offer at Scooter’s Pizza, and places the fast food outlet in a favourable position, as no other pizza franchise can currently provide this option to their consumers.
“The Makhulu pizza is a unique concept, one that the South African pizza market has been craving for some time. Undoubtedly, this new offering will become immensely popular, and brings us a step closer in our ongoing attempts towards achieving Worldwide Pizza Domination.”

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