Relishable revamp for Maxi’s franchise in Port Elizabeth

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Maxi’s Port Elizabeth has recently undergone a dynamic revamp to compliment their flavoursome meal offerings, making it irresistible not to meet at Maxi’s. Vaughn Layton, Sumaya and Shamim Govender, franchisees of the appealing new store, are enthusiastic about  the mutual benefits of the make-over for the community.
“Keeping up with the market trends and satisfying consumer needs is amongst our top priorities, and we believe our customers will embrace the store’s revamp. Our trendy design, comfortable seats, great graphics and vibrant colours create an inviting environment for customers to enjoy more than just a meal,” says Layton.
Shamim emphasises that the mutual benefits of the renovated store for the community are evident, “Building and maintaining community relations is extremely important, our community are our customers. Their loyalty and support is what enables us to grow as franchisees, both personally and financially. We have devoted customers who have been with us since the very beginning and we would like to continue serving them quality meals in generous proportions. We also want to appeal to potential customers to build a brand new customer base. Once they experience our fantastic offerings, we know they will be back.”
Christo Calitz, CEO of Taste Holdings Food Division says that Maxi’s has excelled immensely over the past year due to a clearly defined strategy coupled with strategic management, “Maxi’s has opened numerous new stores nationwide, with only 20% of our existing stores still carrying the old look. Figures have shown that revamped stores increase their turnover by approximately 30% as a result of new reasoning for customers to visit the store.”
“We have a desire to make Maxi’s Port Elizabeth the preferred family sit-down restaurant in town. Through hard work, excellent service and unmatchable mouth-watering meals, we are confident we can reach this goal,” concludes Sumaya.