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8 Reasons Why Dads Should Become Franchisees

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8 Reasons Why Dads Should Become Franchisees

8 Reasons Why Dads Should Become Franchisees

Being a parent is all about multitasking, so it’s no surprise parents are better suited to franchising. This of course applies to mums as much as dads, but being the Father’s day month, let’s let dads take the limelight for once.

If you’re a dad, you know that raising a child is no walk in the park. Starting a business isn’t much easier – but at least it’s no tougher, and you’ve already succeeded at one, right?

According to survey data from the Kauffman Foundation, 60% of entrepreneurs had at least one child when they started their first business, and most likely at least the same percentage will apply in the instance of franchising.

This data tells you that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other – you can be both a parent and a franchisee. In fact, it points to certain advantages in being both: good dads and good franchisees share a lot of qualities that can help them excel in both roles at the same time.

  1. You’re a leader: Whether or not you have formal leadership experience, you definitely acquire it as a parent. Children look up to you, depend on you and you accept the position of being a strong role model for them. It really isn’t much different heading a business – children and employees alike get up to mischief. So, when it comes to trying your hand at being a boss, you already have the analogies to call upon.
  2. You encourage learning through failure: Part of a being a good parent is knowing your children are going to want to walk before they can crawl. You encourage learning through failure, and know not all skills can be taught – some only come through experience. Encouraging people to try new things in a safe environment is a powerful way to promote learning.
  3. You already have a large network: Your social life doesn’t end as soon as you become a parent, in fact it grows with parenting classes, sports practice and school events. Success comes to parent entrepreneurs because they already have vast networks built and a franchise simply becomes one more community you build up.
  4. You understand time management: One of your biggest worries when becoming a ‘dadpreneur’ is the thought you won’t have enough time to devote to both your family and your business. Dads often involve their families in their franchise and find they have more family time than ever. It becomes a family activity. Being a franchisee allows you to manage your own time, and decide when to focus on family and when to focus on business.
  5. You know how to market yourself: Let’s face it, you pulled a fast one on your wife, so you can probably sell anything. Business is all about selling a story that makes them believe. People want to connect with a brand and feel an emotional attachment before they buy. You’ve already shown you can do that.
  6. You can take risks: There isn’t much bigger risk than going through childbirth and bringing a new being into this world, utterly dependent on you. It shows self-confidence. Such willingness to take risk is a characteristic of good parents and one necessary to running a successful business.
  7. You’re already an early-bird: As a dad, you’re forced to get up early to prepare for the day both for yourself and the rest of the family. This is an invaluable discipline in franchising, where it also goes that the early bird catches the worm. As a franchisee, you need to be up before your shop doors open to do the admin, check what’s in the store, outstanding orders, answer emails, and much much more. For an early-bird dad, that’s no drastic lifestyle change.
  8. You plan ahead: When a child depends on you, you are forced to think ahead and plan for their future. Again, it’s really no different with a business and you already have that discipline down cold. Just as you plan for your child’s university education, so now you plan for business expansion.

In conclusion

Being a parent is no easy task, and being a franchisee is no easier. Rather than thinking of the two as mutually exclusive, consider them complementary.

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