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Real Estate Franchise: A Roadmap for Success

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Real Estate Franchise: A Roadmap for Success

Real Estate Franchise: A Roadmap for Success

We asked Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property, to weigh in on what it takes to build a successful property franchise business that will attract quality franchisees.

1. A value system that is well articulated and lived through the daily actions of our people

Zuki Nonkula Property Guys
Zuki Nonkula Just Property Franchisee

Our Mthatha franchisee, Zukiswa Nonkula, chose to join Just Property because of our value system. She was looking for a company that aligned with her vision for her business and beliefs.

Zukiswa says, “As I did my research trying to learn more about Just Property, I came across the values, and somehow, it was like I was reading about myself. I remember showing my husband the values, and the first thing he said was, “This is you! Everything Just Property believes in is exactly what you are and what you believe in as well.”

2. The agility to adapt our franchise offering to a changing environment, market and world

Our business environment is constantly changing. And to stay relevant and have that competitive edge, our businesses need to adapt. One way to stay relevant is to employ young individuals. Avela Mbada, our new Emalahleni franchisee says, “I think we should give young people the opportunity to develop themselves. Employees entering the workforce for the first time bring enthusiasm and new energy to the business.”

With an ongoing pandemic, we know that landlords have been struggling to keep tenants in good standing. We have a product exclusive to Just Property landlords called RENTSECURE. It provides insurance for landlords that is designed to cover your rental income if tenants cannot pay their rent. Learn more about it here.

We also offer tenants alternative and flexible means of paying their rental deposits; services like this offer short-term loans that could be used to pay rental deposits and the first month’s rent in advance.

With business sometimes a challenge at the moment, we have had to up our marketing game. One way in which we’ve done this is to automatically create ads from our agents’ listings and brand profiles and target the right people on Facebook and Instagram to build our brand and generate leads straight to the agent’s mobile phone.

Having a Head Office team that is forward-thinking and innovative is crucial. We see this as an imperative and that’s why we get things done here at Just Property – because we have a group that can take an idea and run with it from start to finish to ensure that we are focusing on what our franchise network and the property market needs.

3. Strong brand presence

Having a solid brand presence is an important prerequisite if you want to stand out from your competitors. It also allows customers to identify who they are dealing with immediately, and with time, build customer loyalty and trust.

Our purpose works on the inside of our brand too. It speaks to the greater impact our entire business has upon the full community of stakeholders whose lives are touched by our business every day. Our brand purpose, our “why,” is to create wealth through property.

4. Positive customer sentiment

“Customer-centric” is more than just a buzzword at Just Property. We are obsessed with delivering the best experience at every step of their journey. We simplified the definition of customer-centric to four components: Responsiveness, Reliability, Relevance and Convenience.

Our goal is to make every customer a brand ambassador; someone who promotes a positive customer sentiment. We are driving Google My Business reviews across the Just Property network. It’s a platform where customers can share their experiences with us and our prospective clients.  We currently have an average of 4.3 stars and 4 706 reviews across the Just Property network of 122 franchises.

5. A robust onboarding programme that includes training, marketing, financial management and mentorship

We are passionate about giving our franchisees the most professional and personalised service possible. This is the core foundation of the Just Property promise. In the last year, we have extended our IT, Customer Service and Marketing resources to provide greater support to our new franchisees.

New franchisees attend a management course at Just Property Head Office that includes administration material, operations manuals and a host of additional information that facilitates the successful operation of the franchised business. We also offer an eLearning platform, which provides the best ongoing training possible.

We also have a social media management service here at Head Office called AMP. We build unique packages to build our franchisees’ businesses through the power of digital marketing. These packages include custom content planning to fit their franchise and their specific campaign goals, bringing their Value Proposition to life and driving brand awareness and inquiry rates to grow their business.

The Head Office Financial Director is available to help our franchise network with tax, accounting matters, tax rebates and wage calculations.

We offer virtual, group and traditional mentoring directly with the Head Office team, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.

6. Targets, check-ins and accountability

One way we connect with our franchisees is by having quarterly check-ins. This is when we check in with franchisees and managers around the country. It’s an opportunity for us to share our experiences and tap into our network’s expertise and ideas. We discuss market trends, franchise-level performance, success stories and challenges.

7. Collaboration with like-minded business owners

One of the greatest advantages of operating within a franchise network is that you have the opportunity to network with and learn from people in the same position as you. Our most successful franchisees leverage this by reaching out to their peers when they face challenges or want to learn more about how to achieve greater success in specific areas. There is tremendous power in collective knowledge sharing!

8. Investment in people

Our business is all about people and the relationships that we forge with them. Firstly, it’s about the relationships between Franchisor and Franchisee, and secondly, the relationship between a Franchisee and their staff.  To have strong relationships all around starts with us here at Head Office level.

Just as important, of course, is the relationship between our staff and their clients. They need to see value in the businesses that they deal with. Our customers include buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants who are all about to make important financial decisions. These decisions are very personal, and customers must feel that they are getting what they need when they need it.

9. Expansion and diversification

Our network includes owners of multiple franchises who have decided to buy more territories as the years have gone by. Yolanda Cornelius says, “Looking back over the past 25 years, I would never imagine ever being the franchisee of three branches in KZN. It has brought me plenty of challenges but also many proud moments.”

We are also strong believers in diversification. One of our biggest goals at Just Property is to reflect our country’s diversity in the franchisees we bring on board. We are looking to transform South Africa’s property industry. If you are wanting to join our team, click here.

10. Custom training resources for staff members

Businesses are only as strong as their weakest links. Therefore, having ample, high-quality training resources for franchisees and employees is crucial to building a reliable and skilled business. This is achieved at Just Property through our state-of-the-art learning software, used to provide in-depth e-Learning courses, informative and topical live webinars and hands-on training events for both franchisees and agents alike.

Our content is tailored according to the needs of you and your agents, based on market research and insights provided by our network and allied service providers, along with extensive research done by our in-house Learning & Development Department.

The old adage “build it and they will come” doesn’t really hold water anymore. You have to adapt and constantly improve the support you offer your franchisees. As CEO of Just Property, I am incredibly proud of what we as a team have built and the refinements and improvements we are continually making for the benefit of our franchisees.

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