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Real Estate and Property – AfricaEye

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Real Estate and Property – AfricaEye

Real Estate and Property – AfricaEye

AfricaEye is an internet based, geographically referenced application wholly owned by Fernridge Consulting. This tool offers the registered and paying user quick, affordable reports in Sub Saharan Africa. Selected information is packaged in a printable report format, and endorsed by Fernridge.


Bill Gates once said “The way in which you access data will determine whether you win or lose.”
We couldn’t agree more. Here at Fernridge we have built an entire business that is centered on geographic data. To begin collecting data, our team sources aerial photographs of an area and marks off separate housing units. It then collates census data, property values and on-site surveys, including consumer interviews.

When opening a new business, or expanding an existing business…your success hinges on your understanding of the market place. Our demographic reports are designed to assist franchisees with their business plans.

About Us

Fernridge Consulting created a very user-friendly online tool called Africa Eye. This tool produces reports for you in any location around Africa. By going online, extracting the Africa Eye report you are identifying your target market and minimizing your risk factor.

Africa Eye reports are very cost effective; it provides you with reliable data that can give you the household income & retail expenditure in your specific areas of interest. This tool is so sophisticated that it can show you what your estimated turnover potential is.




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