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PRIMI’s New Menu is Here

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PRIMI’s New Menu is Here

PRIMI’s New Menu is Here

Primi Piatti is bold in the pursuit of perfecting the total eating experience with the launch of the NEW MAIN MENU.

Primi food is fresh and fast, comforting and healthy, with all menu items freshly cooked from scratch, using only the finest sourced ingredients. Primi Piatti has launched a NEW MAIN MENU with a diverse offering to get everyone excited.

Fuel up with the Primi Power breakfast, the perfect preparation to meet your daily needs, and for a lighter option try the Berries & Banana or Egg White Omelette.

Our New Romana Pizzas offers a true Italian experience – hand rolled & stretched light crust pizza, inspired by the metre long pizza sold on the streets of Rome. If you want something more up market, try our Salmone Affumigato – fresh bocconcini & tomato with smoked salmon, red onion caper relish, rocket & mascarpone cheese.

We serve La Pasta Di Gragnano, pasta produced in and around the bay of Naples. It’s made using an ancient technique, that produces a unique pasta with a surface texture specifically roughened to hold more sauce to enhance the dining experience. The Calamari & Chorizo is the perfect combination to tantalize your taste buds, or you can always go for the much-loved Recco con Pollo.

Don’t forget the Anti-pasti Haloumi Lettuce Wraps, topped with a sweet & sour salsa and served with a fresh mint yoghurt dip or the Pane bread, as well as a variety of Crostini & Bruschetta to kick off your dining experience. The new menu offers an array of healthy greens, such as the Primi INSALATA GRANDE, the Grilled Chicken & Roasted Red Pepper Salad or the Prawn & Avocado Salad.

The Short Order specialities are another new addition to the Primi Menu, offering a diversity of hit and run tasty meals. The Oak-Smoked Cranberry Ribs or the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings create a surreal sandwich experience. Refuel with the Grilled Chicken, Artichoke & Salsa Verde Sandwich. Not to mention the variety of Burger stacks, which will drive you wild – GO ON RACK ‘EM UP! Chicken or beef – single, double or triple, topped with Primi homemade tangy chipotle mayonnaise.

For those a little hungrier, the Secondi Piatti will hit the spot, with a variety of options from a Seared Fillet grilled to your perfection, Seared Norwegian Salmon or the legendary Primi Lamb Chops.

Complete your Primi dining experience with the much loved Chocolate Nemisis; a classic flourless chocolate cake served with a hazelnut ice cream shot to knock your socks off, or the baked cheesecake with freshly made blueberry compote. Top it off with our selection of coffee and liqueurs.

Primi’s team beams with URBAN ENERGY to best create the perfect dining experience.


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