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Primi Caffe Franchise Launching at Blue Route

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Primi Caffe Franchise Launching at Blue Route

Primi Caffe Franchise Launching at Blue Route

A brand new Primi Caffe is about to launch at the newly-renovated Blue Route Mall. From Thursday the 29th of March, Primi Caffe will open its doors and the chic, classy vibe is sure to knock your socks off. We’ll also be launching a fresh new menu to tantalise your taste buds as the Primi brand keeps evolving.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting one of our Primi Caffe stores, there’s a pleasant new experience waiting for you as all of our European Caffe concept stores have a range of exciting eating options, catering for all our customers. Whether it’s a casual comfort meal you’ll looking for, or simply just an appetising snack, Primi Caffe is your number one stop!

Primi Caffe focuses on bringing you your regular Primi fix with speed and efficiency to fit in with your face-paced life and help you fill up and refresh during a busy day. Grab a freshly baked muffin, a quick salad, a take away pizza or pasta, or sit down for one of our famous breakfasts, it’s your choice and it’s all up for offer at Primi Caffe. Always catering for the health conscious, our Caffe stores are no different, with a great selection of gourmet sandwiches along with some familiar Primi favourites. Choose the take away option, or sit down and relax. Primi Caffe has got you sorted!

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