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[Opinion Piece] How to Accommodate Changing Trends in Food Industry

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[Opinion Piece] How to Accommodate Changing Trends in Food Industry

[Opinion Piece] How to Accommodate Changing Trends in Food Industry

In the restaurant business, consumer trends are always changing and their tastes must be noted and accommodated. With culinary ‘revolutions’ such as the Banting and high protein diets becoming increasingly popular and the burgeoning financial middle class becoming more health conscious, more and more restaurants are reconsidering their offering to cater to their consumers’ health and lifestyle requirements. Maxi’s marketing manager, Yolandi Ferreira says this is impacting the way their restaurants traditionally offer meals.

Maxi's logoThese days the distinction between breakfast, lunch and dinner is increasingly blurry, with consumers making meal choices off the menu based on what they actually feel like eating at that moment, rather than what traditional meal times dictate. Underpinning this trend in South Africa is a robust demand for grilled food throughout the day.

For many South Africans grilled meat and chicken are the heart of any meal and when it’s hot off the grill, dripping with juices, it’s irresistible.  Grilled foods taste very different from baked, broiled or pan-fried dishes because of the different and unique flavour compounds that are generated through the grilling process.

Based on these facts, it didn’t come as a surprise to discover from recent research conducted among Maxi’s customers, that the majority would enjoy the option of ordering grilled food throughout the day.

It’s all about enjoying freshly grilled meat on the bone and Maxi’s is more than happy to serve it up – at any time. At Maxi’s we pride ourselves on listening to customers and keeping up with trends.  As a result our restaurants countrywide now offer grills all day long, from breakfast to dinner time.

Our ongoing success is based on understanding what our customers want and using this knowledge to strategise on future menu selections. We want our customers to leave our restaurants with the feeling that they have enjoyed a really good meal, served efficiently in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere — and received good value for their money. This keeps them coming back for more.

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