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[Opinion Piece] Fish & Chip Co. Franchise – Eating Together is Good for Relationships

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[Opinion Piece] Fish & Chip Co. Franchise – Eating Together is Good for Relationships

[Opinion Piece] Fish & Chip Co. Franchise – Eating Together is Good for Relationships

Why sharing a meal with others is good for you

In a world where everything is fast, instant and on the go, the idea of slowing down or being delayed just doesn’t fly. While a rapid pace is good for getting things done fast, it’s also not too difficult to lose track of the simple things in life when hurrying through life. Like sitting together and enjoying a meal as a family. Pertunia Tsotetsi, marketing manager of The Fish & Chip Co. shares more on the importance of spending time together while dining.

In the 21st century, instant gratification is the order of the day. If it is not readily available at the click of a button, it’s just not good enough. This is especially true in the fast food industry, which allows a person to eat anywhere, and with 24 hour establishments now open, any time also. With many companies capitalising on this ‘24/7 instant availability’, consumers have grown hungry for instant access – no matter where they are.


Fish & Chip Co.But while convenience foods have their place, especially for working people or busy moms, it is vital to remember that eating on the run should not replace eating together as a family (whatever your definition of it might be).


Sadly, while this fast paced world is able to ‘give’ us more time, it could also be robbing us from the time spent with family, without us even knowing it. To some giving up family time might seem unimportant. Studies prove otherwise. Recent research has indicated that the amount of time spent sharing together in a meal can have drastic effects on children; on their development and the choices they make in future. Studies have even shown that teenagers who regularly eat dinner with their families are likely to get better grades and be mentally and physically healthy.


The Fish & Chip Co. prides itself in not only supplying affordable meals, but meals that are big enough to be shared. Our ‘Hot and A lot’ slogan encompasses the idea of plenty of value for a lot more people – whether it is a couple or a ‘village’.


For us, sharing promotes caring and here are more benefits of eating meals together, to prove that point:


Eating together is good for communicating

In any relationship, proper and uninterrupted communication is vital and dining together seems to be the ideal setting to get the right discussions going. Whether it be about how everyone’s day was or more detailed matters of the heart, eating together is a good way to create clear lines of communication.


Eating together strengthens relationships

With communication flowing better, people can connect better with one another. Shared experiences lead to a shared understanding of the other person, which all leads to stronger and more fulfilled relationships.


Eating together is good for development

Somehow the act of eating together strengthens a child’s sense of security and togetherness, which has a positive impact on children’s values, motivation, personal identity, and self-esteem. Children who eat with their family are more likely to understand, acknowledge, and follow the boundaries and expectations set by their parents.

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