Oliver twists and turns to provide superior customer service at Scooters Pizza Milnerton

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When Charlie Oliver needed a new challenge following some five years’ experience at an international franchising group, he decided that ‘local is lekker’ and put his management skills and passion for people to the test by purchasing his own Scooters Pizza store in Milnerton.

Oliver summarises his management approach as creating equality for himself and his staff.

“A previous employers’ slogan of: ”People capability first and profitability will follow” is one that impressed me immensely and it has stuck with me since then. By allowing employees and management to help run the business processes and be more actively involved, creates an opportunity for them to meet their personal needs, and also my business goals.”

He believes that the key elements to running a successful store include skilled and motivated people, sound management and financial practises, and innovative products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

CEO of Taste Holdings, Christo Calitz expresses his confidence in Oliver’s management style.

“Charlie’s passion for the franchise industry will definitely give him an advantage as he understands that being a good entrepreneur means treating your employees well, which in turn means that they will treat their customers well. Further, through Taste Holdings’ support structure and Charlie’s commitment to running a successful business, I have no doubt that his new venture will be well supported by the Milnerton community.”

Since Oliver opened the store in May, his recipe for success has already started paying dividends as his staff turnover has stabilised well, product quality and service delivery have improved tremendously, and attracting new and repeat customers have become the norm.

With a strong belief that all people have good qualities that just need to be nurtured, there is no doubt that Charlie Oliver will deliver on his promise of providing the Milnerton community with a “Slice of the Good Life”.

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