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No 1 in the No 2 Business!

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No 1 in the No 2 Business!

If you ever wondered what types of businesses can be franchised, consider this: Pet Butler describes itself as the No 1 in the No 2 business and is the leading pet waste clean-up service in the US. They have been in business for two decades and operate through a nation-wide network of franchisees. They offer clean-up services to home-owners, multi-family communities and the administrators of municipal parks. Their mission is to make life more convenient, enjoyable and safe for pet owners.

Indications are that although they take the business they are in quite seriously, they see the humour in it as well. Their CEO, who describes himself as the Chief Excrement Officer, has introduced a web site ( and they are now extending their reach into poop couture. Pet owners can order customised clothing through the web site, with inscriptions like Poop Master printed on.

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