New Scooters Pizza franchise provides launch pad

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New Scooters Pizza franchise
In a notable first, Scooters Pizza has opened a store in Windhoek, Namibia, marking its first foray out of South African borders. Namibia’s economy has steadily grown since independence from South Africa in 1990, and Windhoek’s burgeoning new market provides a perfect base for Scooters Pizza to expand and increase its market share, in line with the brand’s expansion goals, says  CEO of Taste Holdings Food Division, Christo Calitz.
“Scooters Pizza has a vision of expanding our franchise into Southern Africa, and Windhoek’s relatively untapped market, with a limited number of fast food alternatives, will provide a strong launching pad into the region, resulting in further growth potential.
“Careful market analysis has shown that Namibians are increasingly taking to fast-food options, and hence, I am confident that that the Scooters Pizza brand will rapidly become established in Windhoek, with consumers embracing the quality, convenience and taste of our meal offerings.”
Currently, Scooters Pizza has 130 stores open in South Africa and in Lesotho. Calitz says that the decision to extend the Scooters Pizza franchise across a national border was reinforced by its holding company, Taste Holdings’, long-term growth strategy.
“Last year Taste Holdings focused on marketing and maintaining the Scooters Pizza brand in consumers’ minds, and while this is still a priority, our main objective for 2011 is franchise expansion.”
Scooters Pizza has been a leading family pizza franchise in the fast-food industry since its inception in 2000. Calitz maintains that its longevity and established brand recognition provides Scooters Pizza with the tools to successfully navigate a new market.
Calitz concludes that the new store will quickly make its mark, and breed further success for Scooters Pizza in Southern Africa.
“Through Scooters Pizza’s fresh, dynamic and innovative approach, along with proactive management, we are confident that the store will be a strong competitor in the Namibian fast-food market, and challenge traditional fast-food strongholds.
“Ultimately, our advancement into Namibia will also allow for expansion into other parts of Southern Africa, in order to create a stronger portfolio of store developments,” concludes Calitz.

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