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New LCHF Dishes – The Col’Cacchio Franchise have them Mastered!

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New LCHF Dishes – The Col’Cacchio Franchise have them Mastered!

New LCHF Dishes – The Col’Cacchio Franchise have them Mastered!

We love all things bold and different, so when we launched our Banting-friendly meals (not just pizzas), we received such a positive response. LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) diets are definitely a South African fad, bound to last longer than expected, so we took a chance and became one of the first restaurants to cater to this new lifestyle. Every dish has an origin story and our Banting-friendly meals mark a fresh new chapter. Keep an eye out for the LCHF icon on our new look menu to give this switch up in dieting a swing.

So What is Banting Anyway?

To some it’s a diet, to others a way of life, to us it’s an exciting opportunity to flex our culinary skills on some new dishes. The Banting Diet is, essentially, a LCHF diet that has been raising more than a few eyebrows. Lamb chops? Eat away. Steak? Why not. Cake? Um… nice try, but that’s still off-limits.

Crazy as it sounds, this diet has been demonstrating some promising results but another unique element of Banting is the “it works for me” approach. Everyone is different, so why would a one-size-fits-all dieting solution work? This is the reasoning behind LCHF dishes and it all depends on or carbohydrate resistance (CR). Much like your metabolism, it is a unique attribute that we all possess, so some experimentation beforehand is required. It goes without saying though, that if you’re serious about Banting you should definitely take existing medical conditions into consideration first.

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