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Nando’s Educates its Employees about the Dangers of HIV and AIDS

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Nando’s Educates its Employees about the Dangers of HIV and AIDS

Nando’s Educates its Employees about the Dangers of HIV and AIDS

Looking out for the health of its employees, Nando’s, the global Portuguese chicken outlet, put together The Nando’s Life – It’s My Life HIV and Aids awareness campaign to effectively communicate with staff members and urge them to make a difference.

The campaign included an innovative internal communication solution, a Z-CAR, which is small and compact enough to fit inside employees’ pay packets, and yet bright and colourful enough to make an impact and be read.

Besides communicating with all of its staff members on matters pertaining to HIV and AIDS, Nando’s has provided an AIDS Care facility that is available to assist them.

According to Lyn Davis, the Marketing Director of Z-CARD, Nando’s should be applauded for the effort it has taken to educate employees and create awareness around the dangers of HIV and AIDS.

“To pledge our support to Nando’s in its fight against HIV and AIDS, Z-CARD has produced an additional 10% of the order for Nando’s free of charge. As we feel so strongly about the disease, we will do this for all of our clients that produce their own AIDS awareness Z-CARD,” she says.

The front cover of the Nando’s Z-CARD?  urges employees to make a difference, while the back cover provides the AIDS Care Centre contact number for easy of reference. Once opened, the Z-CARD explains exactly what HIV is and how it is passed from one person to another, details how to practise safer sex and explains the relevant labour legislation.

For more information about Z-CARD, contact Lyn Davis at 0861 092 273, cell 082 456 1676, or visit


Z-CARD offers clients a range of opportunities to get their message across in an effective, interesting, compact and unusual way. PocketMedia  breaks through the usual marketing clutter by providing complex information in a concise, accessible form which is designed to be carried “on person”. The Z-CARD is a great alternative to traditional printed media and is available in a range of sizes and formats. Visit: for more information.


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