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Mugg & Bean Launches First ‘Move-Thru’ Store

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Mugg & Bean Launches First ‘Move-Thru’ Store

Mugg & Bean Launches First ‘Move-Thru’ Store

Mugg & Bean has launched its first new-format ‘move thru’ store in South Africa.

The first move-thru store was opened on 13 May at the corner of Woodlands Way and Sandown Road in Parklands in Cape Town.

This new format of a drive-thru for coffee is part of a new strategic business move to target customers on the go.

“More than ten years ago, we partnered with Total and set up our ‘shop in shop’ retail concept with our On The Move stores across the country,” said Chad Manuel, product manager for Mugg & Bean On The Move.

“We are not oblivious to the fact that these locations don’t necessarily serve high traffic areas in the Gauteng and Western Cape metropoles, so have launched the first Move Thru store as a time-sensitive detour that meets the commuter’s on the move coffee and snack demand.”

Manuel said that Mugg & Bean plans to open more of these stores in the future.

Mugg & Bean said that its new Move Thru stores will offer the same menu as its current On The Move stores.

For those not interested in a ‘drive thru’, the store will also feature a sit-down option with free Wi-Fi.

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