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Melissa’s The Food Shop is Franchising

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Melissa’s The Food Shop is Franchising

Melissa’s The Food Shop is Franchising

After opening their first Melissa’s store in 1996 in Kloof Street Cape Town, now with eight successful stores in the Western Cape and one in Parkhurst Johannesburg, and a unique brand known and respected by all, the time has finally arrived for Mark and Melissa van Hoogstraten to open the doors of their very successful business to potential investors, with establishing Melissa’s The Food Shop Franchising.

Melissa’s The Food Shop is a retail store which also offers a restaurant experience. Melissa’s love for the good old-fashioned things in life inspired her to create a place like home that can be shared with people who enjoy the same values and philosophy on which the business was founded. At Melissa’s clients can shop for the unique Melissa’s Product Range, including food and home and eat at the Restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and early suppers.

Melissa’s products are based on Melisssa’s philosophy of uncompromising quality, made with honesty and integrity and respect for time-honoured principles. Only the very best ingredients are used in their products, reflected in the quality and taste, while their home ware products are classic and timeless – and of course loved by Melissa herself.

The Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and early suppers alongside a wonderful selection of freshly baked cakes and artisan coffee.  At Melissa’s each customer is viewed as a “friend of Melissa’s” visiting Melissa’s for the Melissa’s experience. It is a place created for people to enjoy the unique environment with personalized service and quality food, whilst browsing the international and local magazines or shopping for groceries or gifts.

Melissa’s The Food Shop franchise now offers investors the opportunity to become a part of this 17 year old successful and profitable brand, owning and managing their own Melissa’s store whilst working closely with Melissa’s Head Office to ensure that Melissa’s philosophy of uncompromising quality is always upheld. Melissa and Mark van Hoogstraten have also announced that with the inception of the Franchising opportunity the Melissa’s in Parkhurst, their first store in Gauteng, is now for sale as a successfully established store. This provides investors with the exciting opportunity of buying an already established store, with proven profitability and success. When asking Mark van Hoogstraten, Melissa’s husband and the Financial Director of the company,  the reason behind the sale he clearly states that; “It was always part of the company’s strategy to set-up the first Melissa’s store in Gauteng and then once proven viable and profitable to sell it as the first Franchise.” Opening Melissa’s Parkhurst has provided us with the opportunity of testing the demand for Melissa’s The Food shop business model in Gauteng, which after nearly a year of trading Melissa’s Parkhurst clearly indicates a strong demand.

It’s not often that potential franchisees get the opportunity to enter into a franchise of a brand that is already successful.  The first franchisees always get the best sites, so now is a good time to consider the Melissa’s franchise opportunity.


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