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Maxi’s White River Supports Women Empowerment

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Maxi’s White River Supports Women Empowerment

Maxi’s White River Supports Women Empowerment

New research recently revealed by Royal Mail looks set to dispel the myth that men don’t experience the same range of feelings as women. The company’s commissioned scientific experiment found that men are more emotional than women. However, general perceptions and stereotypical roles for males and females still see women as ‘taking care’ and men as ‘taking charge’.

Maxi'sWomen are perceived to radiate an aura that automatically makes others feel more comfortable and at ease when around them or in their presence. Women have a way of making others feel obliged to be nice and kind, which makes them ideal candidates for the consumer service industry such as food franchising.

Maxi’s White River has capitalised on this notion and boasts a staff compliment of twelve female waitresses and two male waiters. Bernice Lourens the proud owner of this franchise shares her business rationale. “When I first started this business I had no idea that my staff ratio would turn out to be majority female. However, over the years I noticed that there were more females looking for jobs in the customer service industries as it allowed them more interaction with customers. I’ve also noticed that when it comes down to in-house competitions, female staff are more competitive, driven to win and dedicated to becoming the best, resulting in better service levels from them.”

Maxi’s recently conducted a survey through general comment cards and found that customers prefer female waitrons as they create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere whereas male waitrons are at times more aloof.

Yolandi Ferreira, marketing manager of Maxi’s states that female waitresses should be acknowledged, not only because it is Women’s Month but because of their valuable contribution towards the success of the business. “While Maxi’s is an equal opportunity employer and encourages representation across all levels of all occupational categories, the onus remains on our franchisees as to whom they appoint within their businesses. We understand that the private sector is a key partner in government’s efforts to advance gender equality and empower women, so it is encouraging to receive feedback from our stakeholders that our female employees are polite, hospitable and that they go beyond the call of duty to make our customers feel welcome and appreciated. As customer-centric service is critical to our success, we thank each and every employee who delivers on Maxi’s brand promise of ‘It’s more than just a meal, it’s a food experience’.”

If you wish to visit Bernice’s restaurant to wish all of her beautiful waitrons a happy Women’s Month, you can find Maxi’s White River at White River Square, corner of Chief Mgeyeni Khumalo Drive & Hennie Van Till Street .

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