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Maxi’s Using Portable Advertising

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Maxi’s Using Portable Advertising

Maxi’s Using Portable Advertising

Portable advertising is currently having a great impact on the general public, and Maxi’s has demonstrated a penchant for this type of innovation, with a uniquely designed delivery trolley that could provide valuable marketing exposure to companies.

The double trolley is more than a mere delivery trolley. It presents the perfect mobile advertising opportunity, with the chance for franchisees to increase their take away sales and brand exposure.

The trolleys are currently in use at Maxi’s Greenstone and is equipped with two compartments; the top has a lid that is ideal for keeping hot beverages warm, while the bottom compartment is spacious enough to store delicious Maxi’s food or take-away drinks orders.

Both compartments have orange vinyl stickers and branding is customised to fit particular stores needs. Further, there is enough space to load a host of items, including take away cutlery, menus, serviettes, cold drinks, and sweets.

Undoubtedly, the trolleys will provide Maxi’s stores with an ideal opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors, demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit that will stand the franchise in good stead.

In the franchising business creativity and ÿour of the box construction of a successful marketing strategy cannot be ignored or taken for granted,says Christo Calitz, CEO of Taste Holdings Food Division.

Calitz says that the powerful positioning of a brand can be achieved through successful marketing activities and strategic thinking. In today’s age of cut-throat competition, Maxi’s takes full advantage of all marketing tools and out-the-box ideas to maintain and expand our market positioning in the highly competitive world of restaurant franchises.

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