Maxi’s the Bridge capitalises on 24 hour food trend

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Maxis The Bridge
As the modern fast-paced world invariably brings about more pressure and less time for regular activities, traditional meal times are fast becoming another casualty of the modern age.
Increasingly, South Africans are tending to eat their meals at irregular times, fulfilling their most basic need whenever a busy lifestyle will allow it. Several factors are contributing to this trend, including, increased hours on the job, busier after-work schedules, and longer hours spent on the road, all of which consume a large portion of people’s time.
Subsequently, concepts such as the 24 hour restaurant are increasingly gathering momentum, and many fast food outlets are transforming themselves into all day/all night operations, and reaping the benefits.
Maxi’s The Bridge is a good example of a South African 24 hour operation that has reaped the benefits of offering the public a service that fulfils a modern need. The Bridge owner Ravi Moopen says that the proven success of 24 hour fast food brands, and the fact that fast food business are tending to operate in this way, was the driving force behind his decision to open a full day restaurant.
“Many fast food outlets are transforming into 24 hour businesses, as maximising the trading hours allows one to become more productive and efficient, provided cost does not exceed demand. Since Maxi’s The Bridge became a 24 hour operation, we have seen a definite improvement in our sales in the first month of opening, and with little marketing. It was definitely a good decision to go the 24 hour route.”
Moopen adds that the tendency of young party goers in Gauteng to seek nourishment in the early hours of the morning, at a time when most food outlets have closed up for the night, has also proved a lucrative target market for Maxi’s The Bridge.
“With our 24 hour service, those people that are clubbing well into the late hours of the morning in Johannesburg or Pretoria , have an ideal  place to grab a delicious hot meal and refuel on their way home. There isn’t anywhere else that these club patrons will find such conveniences and quality meals and service at that time of morning.”
Strategically located on the N1 highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria, in an area commonly known as Halfway House, Maxi’s The Bridge has been able to combat the potential pitfalls of fatigue and unhappiness setting in among staff, thanks to efficient management.
“Since opening Maxi’s The Bridge, we have enjoyed considerable success. Much of this success can be attributed to a consistent rotation of staff and proper management, which has warded off the potential fatigue, associated with a 24 hour operation and ensured that our staff are well rested and content to be at work.
“Following the guidelines of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act has also assisted in engendering happiness among staff, as they are not taken advantage of and are fairly treated,” says Moopen.
Moopen, who has 10 years experience in the franchising business, says that the prospect of owning a business with an established brand, without the concerns of having to build up a brand from scratch,   motivated him to become involved in the Maxi’s franchise.
While the prospect of running a 24 hour operation is normally viewed as a security risk in South Africa, Moopen says that the store is well secured against potential threats.
“Security offers constant emergency armed reaction service, and provides our staff and customers a reassuring presence. Further, we also offer free coffee to all uniform police after 9pm, and their presence in the premises acts as a major deterrent to potential criminals. These security measures have resulted in no major crime incidents occurring at Maxis The Bridge.”
Moopen concludes that 24 hour operations will increasingly gather momentum in South Africa, owing to the niche they provide for a relatively untapped market.
“A definite gap exists in the market, especially considering that there are a relatively small number of 24 hour restaurants. Consumers in South Africa have craved these types of outlets for a long time, and undoubtedly welcome the presence of The Bridge.”
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