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Maxi’s Standerton is Back in Business

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Maxi’s Standerton is Back in Business

Maxi’s Standerton is Back in Business

Maxi’s Standerton in The Junxion shopping centre, is open for business under a dynamic new franchise holder who is determined to keep the Maxi’s banner flying high.

With his characteristic enthusiasm and drive, Nico Botha took over the business in February this year and has hit the ground running.

Maxi's logo“I love Standerton and when it appeared that their Maxi’s would close down, I really didn’t want to see the town lose this fantastic family restaurant,” says Nico. “I contacted Taste Holdings, who own the Maxi’s franchise, and before I knew it, I was the proud owner of Maxi’s Standerton.  I’ve been given excellent support from my Maxi’s Franchise Manager and it’s been very exciting for me and my restaurant manager, Dolly, a born and bred ‘Standertonner’, to welcome both new and existing customers back to the restaurant in their numbers.”

Maxi’s has already made its mark here as a restaurant that makes every member of the family feel at home, while offering a wide range of delicious meals. Now it’s my passion to keep quality levels high and to serve the community by consistently adding value.”

Nico, a seasoned businessman, says he was raised on sound moral values and principles and today his guiding philosophy in business and in life is to always show respect to others and to pursue success through dedication, commitment and hard work. He’s determined to demonstrate to his customers that “a new broom sweeps clean” and that they can expect only good things from Maxi’s Standerton. Customers will enjoy both Maxi’s national specials and local in-store specials connected with various sports events and will have the opportunity to contribute towards initiatives that uplift the community.

Since 1993, Maxi’s has filled a specific gap in the market.  As a family restaurant offering a wide range of tasty meals in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, the restaurants deliver outstanding, freshly prepared food of the best quality in an environment that is accommodating to children and designed to provide families with a relaxed, casual dining experience with quick attentive service.

Maxi’s successful franchising model is based on dynamic franchisee/franchisor relationships, driven by positive communications, open dialogue and cooperation, and the highest quality of training to help entrepreneurs run their restaurants as fully fledged business entities. There is also the benefit to be gained from the purchasing power of a large group.

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