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Maxi’s Menus Receive Dazzling Makeover

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Maxi’s Menus Receive Dazzling Makeover

Maxi’s Menus Receive Dazzling Makeover

Maxi’s restaurants’ menus have received a make-over, with a vibrant new look that was launched on the 26th of April. CEO of Taste Holdings ‘ Food Division, Christo Calitz, says that several factors were behind the decision to update the look of the menu, including the need to have a more modern design and stay ahead of competitors, the opportunity to introduce new meal offerings, and a reflection of the changing consumer trends.

“Menus reflect the overall essence and feel of any food establishment, and therefore, need to be refreshed on a consistent basis. This will ensure that they attract attention, project an image in line with the overall franchise brand, and evolve with the changing trends of the restaurant industry,” he says.

The new Maxi’s menus offer a wider range of meals than competitor brands, with a wider food appeal and a more focused, completely new look that does not detract from the essential Maxis brand essence of a relaxed casual dining experience with superior quality food, the best ingredients, and quick attentive service.

The new design reflects several changes. It no longer has a metal texture or a traditional Maxis blue and orange trademark sticker, and uses colors that are warmer and fresher. Further the heading of the menu is not as much of a focal point, with more focus placed on the food, by removing the plates on some of the meals.

Calitz says that new design colours of green and red were implemented in order to freshen up the look of the menu.

“We wanted to make the visual feel of the menus warmer and inviting, with more focus placed on the quality aspects of the food, through enhancing the quality of the meal pictures. We decided that green is a fresh colour which is underused in the quick service sector,” he says.

Various other aspects of the menu have also been improved. Calitz says that the children’s menu now has a more vibrant colour, and its shape has been redesigned.. The wine list also reflects more up market trends, while a larger format in general will allow Maxi’s to showcase more and larger pictures of food. However, he says that separate burger and breakfast menus still exist, as key market and consumer have indicated that customers prefer this option.

Calitz expressed confidence that customers will react positively to the new menu design.

“We expect that customers will love the new menu design, and this will directly lead to an increase in sales, due to increased appetite. The menus will provide customers with a new perspective on our meals, and the options available.”

He says that extensive research played a large role in shaping the new design of the menus.

“We collected competitor menus in both South Africa and in America, researched menu trends and consumer behavior, including what people’s choices are when reading menus. We also researched various restaurant trends and the display of meals on menus, and came to an informed decision based on those results.”

Calitz concludes that the new menu design is in line with the franchises’ overall goals.

“We consistently strive to create a memorable dining experience, by offering service that is a benchmark for the sector and is underpinned by value offerings. Without a doubt, these new menus will assist considerably in these goals.”

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