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Maxi’s Operational Model helps Employee Rise through the Ranks

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Maxi’s Operational Model helps Employee Rise through the Ranks

Maxi’s Operational Model helps Employee Rise through the Ranks

Maxi’s has proven that it is a company that can offer aspiring business people the opportunity to gain real and sustainable career advancement, following 35-year old Jane Tladi’s rise up the ranks at the franchise.

Tladi began her career at Maxi’s in December 1995 as a scullery washer and helped with deliveries for take-always. Subsequently she has progressed to the position of a training manager whereby she is helping new franchisees to understand and buy into the Maxi’s brand and business philosophy.

She notes that being employed at Maxi’s has afforded her career opportunities that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

“I was fortunate to be able to get a job at Maxi’s after completing Matric, as I didn’t have many career options owing to the fact that I lacked the financial resources to study long term. Maxi’s enabled me to develop my skills and advance in my career, which might not have been possible had they not employed me.

“Being employed at Maxi’s has also helped me to develop in a personal capacity, which made me realise that I should strive to serve as a role model in both my work place and my own community.”

When she is not working hard in training new Maxi’s franchisee to live up to the company’s reputation of being one of the top quick service sit-down restaurants in South Africa, Tladi enjoys spending time with her partner Solly Motukisi and daughter, Otlotleng. She is also currently furthering her management skills through a customer service management course with the University of South Africa (Unisa).

Maxi’s is rapidly becoming the number one family restaurant nationwide, with 66 trendy quick-services sit down restaurants in operation across all nine provinces in South Africa. It creates a unique and memorable customer experience by serving a wide range of freshly prepared and affordable meals, and providing outstanding service in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Greg Binstead, Managing Executive of Maxi’s concludes that Tladi’s career ascent demonstrates that Maxi’s business is people-focused and that the company understands the importance of driving customer relationships and value, while simultaneously developing and encouraging internal growth.

“We are proud and thrilled of Jane’s notable career developments, and this success can be largely attributed to the hard work, dedication, professionalism and commitment to excellence that she has displayed during her employment.

“Her achievements are also indicative that Maxi’s business model is an ideal one for people starting out in the working world, and that we provide an ideal platform for ambitious and talented individuals to develop and grow their careers within the company. Moving forward, we will continue to maintain this winning recipe, and empower others to achieve similar results.”

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