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Maxi’s Only Uses Genuine Meat Products

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Maxi’s Only Uses Genuine Meat Products

Maxi’s Only Uses Genuine Meat Products

Following the recent scandal on the use of undeclared proteins in meat products, especially that of horse, donkey, water buffalo and goat, suppliers of meat products to the Maxi’s fast food chain have declared that no traces of unspecified meat can be found in the products that they supply.

The contaminated meat scandal unfolded in early January 2013, when the Food Safety Authority of Ireland discovered traces of equine DNA in various beef burger patties that were being supplied to supermarkets. Word on the findings spread rapidly across the globe, and the meat industry came under severe scrutiny.

Following the recent international media attention, Maxi’s, wishes to make it clear that it does not condone any form of unethical practice when it comes to the food that customers consume. Even though there are no serious health implications, Maxi’s feels that the meat contamination saga essentially ruins the trust that consumers have bestowed upon food service providers.

“Being a consumer myself, I don’t want our customers to second guess the food that Maxi’s supplies to them as we view their trust in us as the most valuable asset in our business,” states CEO of Taste Holdings Food division, Christo Calitz.

“To prove how strongly we feel about the matter, we have obtained formal correspondence from all our major suppliers confirming that no malpractice has been conducted on their part in supplying meat products to Maxi’s. We have full confidence in our suppliers as they know that we only adhere to the highest standards when it comes to our customers.

“To ensure that our food is of the best quality, only the top suppliers are used, who undergo testing and inspection before food is supplied. We do not compromise on our brand promise of offering customers not only a meal, but a food experience. In this experience, we are truthful, ethical and transparent,” Calitz concludes.


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