Maxi’s is wide awake and kicking with their new coffee brand, LavAzza

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Maxi’s customers are sure to be provided with a welcome jolt, following the news that the family restaurant franchise has partnered with the world famous Italian coffee brand, LavAzza.

Now, in addition to enjoying a wholesome and scrumptious meal, Maxi’s customers can expect their senses to be awakened by the delightful aroma of a freshly brewed cup of LavAzza.

This alluring coffee is sure to provide Maxi’s customers with the perfect way to either kick start their morning, have a pick-me up throughout the day, or a night cap following a mouthwatering dinner at Maxi’s.

LavAzza’s reputation as expert coffee makers has been established for over a century. Through blending experience, innovation, passion and quality, LavAzza spreads the aroma and culture of Italian espresso around the world, and is the perfect cup of coffee to compliment your visit at any one of Maxi’s 74 nationwide restaurants.

All employees have undergone training sessions and equipment was reviewed to ensure that only the freshest cup of coffee is brewed and served to customers.

Be sure to meet at Maxi’s to not only satisfy your appetite, but to satisfy your craving for the finest Italian coffee!