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Maxi’s is Cooking in the Cape

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Maxi’s is Cooking in the Cape

Maxi’s is Cooking in the Cape

Johannesburg, 27 March 2008 – Living up to their promise of “more than just a meal”, Maxi’s is pleased to announce that they will be serving their delicious meals at N1 City from the end of February.

“The brand has come a long way over the past 14 years but Maxi’s has seen a serious brand revolution over the last few months, with a new energy being poured into the brand,” says Christo Calitz, Managing Director of Maxi’s. “We have 4 stores in the Cape, with N1 City being our fifth addition and a total of 46 stores around the country.”

The four stores in the Cape can be found in Paarl, Vangate Mall (Halaal), George and Cape Gate, with the latter being the first of the Maxi’s restaurants to open in the revolution new store design last year.

Maxi’s is a quick service family restaurant that has wide variety on its menu’ catering for breakfast, small snacks, lunch, early dinner, desserts and kiddies meals. Maxi’s is known for its extensive menu, large potions and value for money offering.

In 2007, Maxi’s took the decision to take their brand in a new direction under the guidance of their newly appointed managing director, Christo Calitz. As part of that change, the brand underwent a complete overall of its brand identity, menu designs, uniforms and store d?®cor in order to position the brand in a more trendy fashion. Where it normally takes up to a year, Calitz set himself a deadline of three months to come up with a redesign of the Maxi’s brand positioning, create a totally unique environment and a fresh perspective on the current offering.

“It’s still the Maxi’s that people have come to know and love, except a little more modern and up to date with the times,” says Christo.

The new look has customers feasting their eyes on the new Maxi”s colours of pumpkin and black, with chrome finishes. Not only is the look a step in the opposite direction to that of their competitors, but since revamping their stores, the three Maxi”s franchisees have noticed up to 25% increase in sales, which they attribute to the new look.

“Another part of what makes this brand successful, besides the hard work and dedication, is the dynamic management team which supports all our franchisees,” says Calitz. “I am very fortunate to have the backing of such a great team. Maxi’s has now reached the phase where change is imminent. The Maxi’s team is energised, prepared and ready to take on our competitors and show the industry how it’s done!”

Maxi’s are growing around the country and are always on the lookout for good site areas where they feel the brand can grow into the community. With such a can do attitude as displayed by not only Christo but the rest of his head office support team and franchisees, it is no doubt that Maxi’s will continue to grow as a franchise and as a part of South African food industry.

For more information on Maxi’s Restaurants, please visit their website at, alternatively head on over to N1 City if you’re in the area and try any one of Maxi’s great signature meals.

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