Maxi’mised dining at the new north centre franchise

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After a vigorous shopping experience at the gigantic Mall of the North centre, consumers can now look forward to satisfying their appetites with a wholesome, delicious meal at Maxi’s. The Mall of the North store opening is an immense progression towards Maxi’s development strategy of opening 14 stores in 2011.
“We are certain that the Mall of the North restaurant will positively contribute to the overall success of the brand this year. At Maxi’s, we constantly analyse market and consumer trends to stay ahead of our competitors and our research has shown that Mall of the North will provide a great catchment area for Maxi’s enthusiasts in the Polokwane area,” says Christo Calitz, CEO of Taste Holdings Food Division.
Franchisees of the newly opened restaurant, Benny and Thabelang Ncube, are thrilled and ready to serve the needs of the Polokwane community.
“We are extremely excited that our doors have opened and are eager to welcome anyone who is looking for ‘more than just a meal’. Our modern look and trendy vibe appeals to all generations. We will strive to provide an unequalled restaurant experience by offering tasty meals in generous portions and interact with our customers, ultimately building genuine relationships,” says Thabelang.
Maxi’s wide variety of meal offerings on their menu, which was re-launched in the beginning of April, is a recipe for hunger-satisfying success. Thabelang concludes by saying that the community will greatly benefit from the array of scrumptious meals, “Maxi’s offer extensive and unique kiddies, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus to suit any individual needs, at any time of the day. This is definitely an advantage over our competitors locally.”