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Live Life Liquid, Digitally! LiquidChefs Launches the MiBar in Association with J&B Rare

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Live Life Liquid, Digitally! LiquidChefs Launches the MiBar in Association with J&B Rare

Live Life Liquid, Digitally! LiquidChefs Launches the MiBar in Association with J&B Rare

Digital convergence has been taken to a whole new level of interactivity, by South Africa’s pioneering bar service company, LiquidChefs, with the launch of the innovative LiquidChefs MiBar (Multimedia Interactive Bar). At this year’s Whiskey Live Festival, held in Cape Town from 4-6 November and in Johannesburg from 11-14 November, the MiBar and other interactive elements enabled LiquidChefs and J&B to engage with consumers in ways that have never before been seen on our shores.

The MiBar was one of the highlights of this year’s show, with everyone coming to find out what their LiquidDNA is. From touch registration points, consumers moved to the MiBar, which scanned their handprints to reveal which one of the specially-developed LiquidChefs J&B Whiskey Cocktails illustrated their LiquidDNA. Modern, Visionary, Sleek, Streetwise, Innovator and Maverick were the names of the cocktails which represented six different personalities associated with each person’s LiquidDNA.

Interactive touch champagne tables had everyone surfing the Internet, finding their images on the LiquidChefs Facebook Fan Page and Tweeting in real time off the stand. Images were uploaded onto the champagne tables live via iPhones and cocktails ordered straight off the tables, showcasing the latest examples of how LiquidChefs innovates liquid lifestyles.

Shai Evian, Marketing Director at LiquidChefs comments, The launch of the MiBar opens up a whole new level of interactive, experiential marketing, as LiquidChefs embarks on a journey to bridge the gap between on and offline social media in an events and hospitality environment. Brands now have the opportunity to develop fully customisable content across various digital platforms at any event, anywhere, transforming previously-static elements, such as bars and tables, into interactive entertainment.

In partnership with iTouch International, all software is developed locally, enabling full customisation of every event, at exceptionally affordable rates.

For guests, the ability to interact with their much-loved social media platforms in real time, sharing content and connecting with each other instantaneously, simply fits in perfectly with modern, permanently-connected lifestyles.

Evian concludes, We’ve had an unbelievable response to the launch of the LiquidChefs MiBar. This is the future of interactive event experiences and we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg. With technology constantly developing, there is so much more to come, which makes us really excited about the future. Thank you to J&B for partnering with us to showcase the new MiBar, as well as Good Hope FM, Kaya FM, Schweppes, Superga, 7forallmankind, Levi’s Eyewear, Praekelt Consulting, LoungeAround and the FNB Whiskey Live Festival for yet another superb show.

Your creativity sets the limit as LiquidChefs opens up the future of brand, corporate and private events, with new ways of engaging and entertaining guests. To find out more about the developments at LiquidChefs and any future events, become a Fan of LiquidChefs on Facebook or follow TheLiquidChefSA on Twitter.

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