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   House of Paint and Decor

House of Paint is a specialist paint store with products ranging from decorative paints and treatments to the specialist range of automotive finishing and paints, industrial products and wood finishing products.

Finance Details

  • Set up costs: between R2,500.00 and R4,500.00 per square metre, (dependent on the member’s requirements).
  • Once off joining fee: R100, 000.00 plus VAT.
  • Any additional costs and the breakdown of how the joining fee is split will be discussed upon application.

What do you get for the investment?

We offer you the advantages of being part of a larger synergy, while still allowing you to be independent!

The House of Paint & Décor Advantage offers you:

  • A strong brand, making your store a destination / landmark store in your region.
  • Access to a wide range of product; including House of Paint & Décor’s Exclusive Brand Programme which not only differentiates you from your competitors, but drives higher margin.
  • A comprehensive multi-media marketing strategy which provides you with the support your store requires ensuring its success.
  • The House of Paint & Décor Support Team will assist in the design, development and launch of your new store.
  • An array of support services – Buying, Marketing, IT and Business Development.
  • Increased return on investment in the long term purely due to the House of Paint & Décor Brand Goodwill.
  • The financial strength of House of Paint & Décor in terms of inventory purchasing, critical mass and import alternatives.
  • Tailor made retail outlets and solutions that suit both the operators and their specific market place.
  • House of Paint & Décor is truly the only group who has developed strengths in the “all encompassing” field of finishing. House of Paint & Décor has made it “their business” to be able to support members in all facets of the business and in different markets who have different demands.

One of the most important considerations for a retail store is the location. The House of Paint & Décor Group interacts with a number of expert personnel, property and market consultants that identify and negotiate the correct areas, locations and sites for the House of Paint & Décor Business.

A service training programme is offered covering subjects across the retail spectrum including:

  • Merchandising
  • Retail Knowledge
  • Cashier Skills
  • Telephone Answering Skills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Service Skills
  • And a number of other courses that are designed to add value to your business by improving the skills level of your staff and motivating your most valuable asset, your people.

House of Paint & Décor also outsources courses on Financial Management, Business Management and New Generation Leadership (ensuring you have a successor) through various colleges. The majority of these programmes are recognized and endorsed by the Wholesale and Retail SETA for NQF training in South Africa

House of Paint & Décor is looking for:

  • Hands on entrepreneurs
  • 3 – 5 Years retail exposure OR who owns their own paint finishing outlet who would like to join and make use of expertise and support of South Africa’s expert paint group.
House of Paint and Decor

House of Paint & Décor is a young, dynamic and proudly South African brand, offering evolved, holistic and relevant products, satisfying consumer’s paint, décor and specialised coating requirements. Our business model caters for DIY enthusiasts, walk-in customers, contractors, renovators, decorators, automotive spray painters, professional tradesmen and more.

House of Paint & Décor’s value proposition is unique due to our focused approach, adding to the aesthetic value of consumer’s most prized assets, through select product ranges and innovative ideas.

Being affiliated with “House of Paint & Décor” ensures enhanced service levels with comprehensive, competitively priced, regularly promoted products and solutions, presented by professional, trained staff, achieved through assistance, advice and coaching of our expert Operations and Support Centre Teams.

In association with Legendary Retail Brands, we aim to add value to Members through tried and tested retail principles and practise, enhancing your trading environment, optimising profitability whilst creating memorable consumer shopping experiences under a consolidated National Brand.

Legendary Retail Brands

All House of Paint & Décor trademarks are held by Legendary Retail Brands comprising three Directors, elected and reviewed annually through a democratic voting process ensuring efficient and effective governance of the business.


House of Paint & Décor aims to create an effective solution for independent retailers in South and southern Africa, under the guise of a “Voluntary Trading Group”, to trade competitively within the ambit of decorative, industrial, automotive and wood finish coatings as well as design and décor components of the market segment, without sacrificing independence.


To create a powerful brand which will add value to Members and potential Members through “Voluntary Trading” principles, whilst actively driving enhanced consumer awareness.

With a comprehensive offering of tried and tested effective business solutions provided by our professional Support Centre, we aim to add value to independent Retailers in all aspects of their business to enhance profitability and sustainability.


Preferred Suppliers are specifically graded ensuring maximum support, whilst Members remain competitive and are able to offer Consumers relevant product ranges to suit their specific trading environment.

Member’s monthly purchases are analysed to optimise opportunities through consolidation and economies of scale, resulting in increased loyalty, which in turn impacts on profitability and Member rebate earnings.


Marketing is key to the House of Paint & Décor concept offering “Big Brand” benefits to independent Retailers including:

  • Consolidated National Brand
  • Consistent branding
  • Access to national, regional and local advertising initiatives
  • Design services
  • Corporate clothing & promotional items
  • Promotions
  • Savings due to consolidation of media and other costs
  • Social responsibility vehicles
  • Social media platforms.

Marketing is a direct cost to our Member base hence there is no monthly marketing fee, Members are billed directly for additional costs outside of the origination cost which is absorbed by our Support Centre.


Become a Member of House of Paint & Décor!

Through power of brand recognition, consumers will identify you as the destination Paint & Décor solution, serving your community with competitive and comprehensive ranges of quality products and services under the House of Paint & Décor brand.

Additional value is provided through consolidated negotiating power of Legendary Retail Brands and our well established relationships and network of Suppliers, professional Support Centre and the range of services they provide, as well as an established and informed Retail Operations service. We also provide powerful national brand identity which increases credibility with Consumers through brand visibility and equity.

House of Paint & Décor remains up to date with market trends and is committed to developing all facets of communication and media platforms including Mobile and Social Networking. This, coupled with a dynamic website, digital media, product promotions, brand advertising consisting of various publications and where possible, sponsorship and community involvement, offering a powerful marketing package for Members

Additional benefits include:

  • Additional income stream – rebates
  • Improved card acquisition rates
  • Consolidated purchasing power
  • IT Support
  • Support Centre

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