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   Endee Billboards

Endee Out & Indoor Billboards is an advertising franchise specialising in “In & Outdoor” Billboards. Franchisees sell advertising slots to businesses, professional people, etc. who wish to advertise their products or services on their own IN & OUTDOOR BILLBOARDS.

The minimum total investment for an Endee franchise is only R 695,500.00 (includes equipment, set-up costs, training). Franchises from R250 000*

Finance Details

Franchises available from R250 000*

  • Total Capital layout only R 695,500.00 (includes equipment, set-up costs, training).
  • Deposit required only R 495 000.00 We guarantee finance for the balance.
  • Monthly Fees: R5 000.00

What do you get for the investment?

The amount of R 695,500 includes

  • Equipment
  • Training
  • Set-up
  • Administration costs
  • All necessary documentation
  • Franchisor will assist with site identification & negotiating and securing sites contractually
  • Franchisor installs all necessary equipment
  • Training is provided to Franchisee on the procedure to be followed to sell advertising space
  • The advertisements are built by the Franchisor and even download all adverts for franchisee
  • The Franchisee is assured of support and advice at all times

48 Advertising slots available at R2 500.00 p/m, (price of ads depending on area) which calculates to an estimated gross income of R 120 000.00 monthly.

  • Gauteng
  • Eastern Cape
  • Western Cape
  • Mpumalanga
  • Limpopo
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Northern Cape
  • Free State
  • North West

Initial training and support

The successful Franchisee will obtain onsite training in his/her area for a period of one week to assist and train in the sale of advertising time slots.

Ongoing training and support

Service Level Agreement compulsory for first 12 months.

ENDEE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING is a home-based business which makes it ideal for anyone who wishes to own a business, but needs flexi-time and does not wish to be bound by an office or retail business. Anyone with an outgoing, friendly personality, who is self- motivated and can set personal goals and achieve them, is an ideal candidate for this franchise.

Why own an EnDee Out and Indoor Billboard franchise?

  • Firstly, and most importantly, Low Failure Rate. It is an established concept that has proven itself to be successful. The chances are much better of making a success than starting an independent business.
  • Help with start up and beyond. Franchisor supplies all equipment and the needed training. There is also the assurance of ongoing training and help with management and assistance, which is not available with an independent business.
  • Highly profitable.
  • Highly skilled management team.
  • Future is LED Outdoor Advertising while printed media becomes outdated.
  • Most cost- effective medium of advertising.
  • No more untidy road signs.
Endee Billboards


ENDEE OUT & INDOOR BILLBOARDS specialise in “In & Outdoor” Billboards. We have now franchised our expertise in order to allow our Franchisees an opportunity to share in our success. Our Franchisees will sell advertising slots to businesses, professional people, etc. who wish to advertise their products or services on their own IN & OUTDOOR BILLBOARDS .The advertisements are displayed on LED OUT & INDOOR Billboards placed at strategic locations.

ENDEE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING is the way to go. Outdoor billboard advertising used to be limited to paper, painted, mechanical, or vinyl billboards prior to the digital age. Now, through LED billboards, outdoor billboards are more high-tech than ever. . LED OUT & INDOOR billboards offer some features that you just can’t get with traditional billboards, such as more ads, displays of multiple ads, and the ability to place ads on buildings.

A clear advantage of LED billboard advertising is that it produces very high quality ads. Ads displayed with LED billboard advertising are more authentic-looking since they incorporate video. LED billboards can show full-length commercial advertisements. With this feature, business owners spread their message out to consumers, especially if the LED billboard is located at a traffic light. This allows them ample time to watch the entire commercial.

LED OUT & INDOOR billboards allow multiple advertisements in one location. LED OUT & INDOOR billboards are popular throughout the world, displaying ads even on the sides of buildings and other non-traditional locations. LED billboard advertising is most popular and in time, there may come a point where the only type of outdoor billboard advertising is in LED.

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MTI (Maximum Total Investment)
R600,000 - R700,000
Western Cape
Eastern Cape
Northern Cape
Free State
Limpopo Province
North West
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